How to Stop Making Bad Decisions in Life

How to Stop Making Bad Decisions in Life: Life is a journey that involves decision making. Many are times that the decisions made may look absurd or questionable. No specific formula can ever be developed to deal with life problems and challenges, however, in order to avoid making bad decision the measures can be followed

How to Stop Making Bad Decisions in Life

Avoid haste decisions
Haste does indeed make waste. Although decisions are made every day in many cases haste decisions may not be the best. In situations where more time is given mistakes are unlikely to happen. However where opportunity represents that potential outcome is significant, a quick respond may be made where necessary.

Never please everyone
The right decision is seldom the popular decision. The attitude of always pleasing others rarely accomplishes matters of worth. It often makes the worst decision of the options available. The motivation behind making decisions should not be based solely on making others happy

Deter from emotional decisions
It’s hard to think and reason clearly when emotions get in the way. For instance anger may lead to overreacting or under reacting. To avoid regrets it advisable to avoid making decisions when excited, angry, anxious or sad

Seek good counsel
The Christian Bible gives a wise counsel by King Solomon that “Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.” (Proverbs 15:22). Although part of leadership involves standing alone at times, but rarely are we really alone. We should always walk in the counsel of God and other people probably our mentors or friends.. Building a collaborative environment as much as possible helps one avoid bad decisions.

Avoid being reactionary
In the current world its ultimately we want to work from a plan. We want to make decisions before the decision is needed. We want proactive decision-making. That’s obviously not always possible, different experience has indicated that there is likelihood to make a bad decision when reacting to a situation, rather than having thought about the scenario and my response beforehand.

Build courage and out do fear
To be courage’s requires more than just talking, we are called to walk with courage, yet fear is often a more powerful destroyer. Deciding because of being afraid will seldom lead to bad decisions.

Delayed decisions
Although haste causes waste it’s also equally true, that there are times when a fast decision is easy; even prudent. Sometimes waiting seldom makes the decision easier. In fact sometimes it only complicates the process.