How to get Admission at University and college under Government Sponsorship

Are you a student wondering how to get admission at University and college under Government Sponsorship? Today we have looked at some of the steps to follow to get this sponsorship

How to get Admission at University & college under Government Sponsorship

A) Which Universities and Colleges are eligible for placement of Government Sponsored


a) Universities

1. All Universities which are registered by Commission for University Education and their

constituent colleges.

2. All Universities which have been issued with a letter of interim authority

b) Colleges

1. All colleges registered by Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA)

offering Diploma Programmes under the TVET Certification Council

2. Before TVETA is Operational

i. Technical and vocational college offering programmes up to Diploma with curriculum approved by

Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) or Kenya Institute of Education (KIE)

ii. Teacher trainer colleges offering programme up to higher diploma level with curriculum

approved by KICD or KIE

iii. National Polytechnics offering programme up to higher Diploma level with curriculum approved

by KICD or KIE.

iv. Medical Training colleges offering programmes with curriculum approved by KICD or KIE


B. What courses are eligible for Government Sponsorship?

1. Programme leading to the award of

  • Bachelor’s Degree offered by an eligible institution
  • Diploma offered by an eligible institution
  • Post-secondary education certificate offered by an eligible institution

2. All the Programmes requiring the approval by the professional regulating body must be approved

by the same.


C. As an Applicant how will I be eligible for the government sponsorship?

a) Must be a Kenyan Citizen

b) That all K.C.S.E. Candidates who previously had not benefitted from government scholarship be

eligible to apply for placement to Degree and Diploma Courses provided that Candidates of the year

preceding the selection are given higher priority.

II. The placement service will consider the KCSE Examination result of immediate previous year as

the immediate candidates


D. Selection process

Placement to University and their constituent college as candidates for Bachelor’s degree and to

Tertiary College as candidates for Diploma or certificates shall be open to all persons accepted as

being qualified by the Placement board, without distinction of race, tribe, place of origin or

residence or other local connections, political opinion, colour, creed or sex; and no barrier based on

any such distinction shall be imposed up on any person as a condition being placed as a

Government sponsored student in any of the eligible institution provided that;

a) Only candidates who apply for placement will be considered for placement in the respective

programmes applied

b) Candidates must meet the minimum admission requirement approved by the respective

regulating authority to be considered for placement

c) Placement shall be on merit

d) An affirmative action criteria approved by the Placement Service shall be applied for the

marginalized and disadvantaged applicants.

e) Applicants who will not manage to be placed in the preferred programmes may be requested to

re-apply for placement consideration into programmes which may not satisfied the number