FOX Theatre/Cineplex in Kenya

A visit to one of the Fox theater in Kenya will reveal just how they have prioritized the customer experience. They have excellent sound system, world class auditorium and high definition mega screens that provide unforgettable views.

To find out the latest movies to watch at Fox Cineplex just visit their website for more information.

Below is the branches of Fox Cineplex in Kenya including

Fox Cineplex Kenya location and contacts

1. FOX Cineplex Sarit Centre

Location: Inside Sarit Centre
Telephone no: 3753025/6 or 0720 366208 or Manager phone no – 0733 968243

2. FOX 20TH Century, CBD (head office)
Location: 4th floor, 20th Century plaza along Mama Ngina street.
Address: P.O Box 40067-00100
Telephone no: 2226981-4
Email no: