Former President Daniel Arap Moi

Former President Daniel Arap Moi: Former President Moi served the country for 24 years. He kept a record of maintaining peace in the country although some claim that his leadership was marred with a certain level of dictatorship that saw several people go to the torture chamber. Even as a president, much of his private life was not known to many. Below we have looked at some facts you did not know about President Moi

  1. He was born on 2 September 1924, in Sacho located in current Baringo County
  2. Although the recorded year of birth for President Moi was 1924, some people close to him believed he was born in 1919
  3. Daniel Arap Moi Educational Background: He joined New Africa Mission School located in Kabartonjo, in 1934. From 1945-to 47 he attended Kapsabet Teachers Training College
  4. Between the years 1946-55 Former President worked as a teacher in several schools across the country
  5. In 1950 the former president married Helena Bomett (Lena Moi). Later, their marriage collapsed in 1974 and divorce followed in 1979
  6. In 1955 he was elected a Member of the Legislative Council for Rift valley
  7. In 1957 he was re-elected as the Member of Legislative Council for Rift valley
  8. At one time he was a Minister for Education (1960-61) in the pre-independence government
  9. In 1963 he was elected as Baringo North MP
  10. He was appointed as a vice president in 1967
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Daniel Arap Moi Children

  1. President Moi children include: Jonathan Moi, Jennifer Moi, Raymond Moi, John Mark Moi, Doris Elizabeth and her twin Philip Moi, Gideon Moi, and the adopted daughter June, opted to stay with their father in Nairobi.
  2. Lena Moi died on July 2004, and was buried in Kabarak
  3. On Sept 14, 1978 Daniel Moi was sworn in as the second president of Kenya aftre the death of first president Jomo Kenyatta
  4. August 1, 1982 some military officers attempted to overthrow him
  5. In his era, he championed the importance of girls education and he founded several girls schools, 14 of which are named after him
  6. He handed over the leadership of the country to the third president of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki on 30 December 2002
  7. Before his death, Moi had spent almost 112 days on life support at Nairobi Hospital
  8. He had a personal doctor who served him for more than 36 years
  9. His love for good steak was unmatchable
  10. Moi death occurred on February 4,2020 at 5:20 am in Nairobi Hospital
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