Five Kenyan Tribes with Most Romantic Men

Five Kenyan Tribes with Most Romantic Men. Kenyans have a diverse nature that distinctively identifies each tribe, but even with this diversity, there are still common things that unites us. The interesting thing about the tribes in Kenya is that there are five tribes that are considered to have the most romantic men. Men in Kenya have previously been considered less romantic compared to their counterparts in Nigeria or Tanzania. This is an interesting matter that requires adequate research.

Among the 42 tribes in Kenya, there are five tribes considered to be the most romantic. Below we look at five Kenyan tribes with the most romantic men.

Five Most Romantic Men in Kenya

The Luo community

Most ladies considered the Luo men to be the most romantic in Kenya. Although they are generally considered to be polygamous, they also know how to treat their women. Many are the occasions Kenyans have witnessed situations where a Luo man making a romantic marriage proposal in Public.

The Taita community

Among the list of five Kenyan tribes with the most romantic men, you will normally find the Taita men. They treat their women with care and respect as normally indicated in their dowry and wedding ceremonies.

The Kamba community

Kamba men are also considered to be romantic. They are less violent and they would sacrifice a lot for the women they love.

The Swahili community

At the coastal region the Swahili men treat their ladies better than most Kenyan men from some of the other tribes. Rarely will a man from the coast hit a lady; they generally take care of them to the best of their knowledge.

The Kikuyu community

Many people have disputed the ways used by the Kikuyu men to express their love. Regardless of these debates, many ladies have regarded the Kikuyu men as generally romantic.

The above list of Five Kenyan tribes with the most romantic men may raise different reactions from different people. The list represents a general perspective noting that every person is unique. Personal choices should not be made based on the general public view.

Most Romantic Ladies in Kenya

Looking for some of the most romantic ladies in Kenya. Personality and character cannot be generalized but views from a simple majority may have some truth in it.

We did a simple study where 1000 questionnaires were issued to random Kenyan male between the age of 18 to 35 years. Out of the simple research we were able to come with 10 most romantic ladies in Kenya

  1. Taita Ladies
  2. Swahili ladies
  3. Kamba Ladies
  4. Maasai Ladies
  5. Luhya Ladies
  6. Luo ladies
  7. Mijikenda ladies
  8. Kalenjin Ladies
  9. Nubian ladies
  10. 10.Kuria ladies