Egerton University Njoro Campus

Egerton University Njoro campus

Programmes offered
PhDs in: Economics, Environmental science, Agriculture education, Animal science, Education foundations, Guidance & counseling, Gender, women and Development, Sociology, Religious study

Masters in: Urban management, Security management, Guidance & counseling, Education, Bio-chemistry, MBA, Journalism, Research skills, Measurement & evaluation, Food science, Horticulture

Post Graduate Diploma: Environmental & sustainable development, Education, Gender poverty & Development, Probation practice and correctional studies

Undergraduate: Offers degrees related in Environmental management, Agriculture, Tourism, Nutrition, Nursing & Medicine, Arts Law, Civil engineering, Military science, Veterinary, Food Science, Hotel management, Resource management, Aquatic Sciences

Diplomas related in: Business, Computer science, Agriculture, Animal health, Education, Library & information science, Clinical medicine, military services, Procurement & supplies

Location: Njoro
Tel: 254-051-2217891/2217781

Postal address: 536-20115