Declaration of Independence Is Signed

Declaration of Independence Is Signed: On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence states was signed. It was confidently signed by John Hancock and the other founding fathers of the United States. Interestingly, this wasn’t the formal date it was signed. The significant declaration of the United States was in reality drafted several times by bold leaders. Its history deserves a closer look as outlined below.

Declaration of Independence Summary

May of 1775- Congress assembled.

In previous weeks’ conflicts broke out between the British troops and colonial soldiers in Massachusetts. Colonists were infuriated by Britain’s rule in America. By August, the king stated the colonists were rebels. Congress quickly formed an army under the leadership of George Washington. There was a need to be free from Britain.

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June 7, 1776, Writing of the proposed resolution to demand independence

Richard Henry, a lawmaker from Virginia proposed a resolution in Congress that would demand independence from Britain. In other towns and colonial groups, comparable pleas were also being written. As a result of these demands, congress created a 5-member committee that would oversee a more detailed public statement including clearly explained reasons for declaring independence. The members of the 5 member committee included John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Robert R. Livingston, Roger Sherman, and Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was appointed as the chief drafter.

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June 28 1776 committee gave its draft declaration to the Congress

July 1, 1776 Debate of the declaration

In the beginning, 9 colonies were ready to vote for independence. 2 states were opposed, two were undecided while and New York refused to vote. Things changed overnight when on July 2, Delaware decided to vote for independence. Two other states followed Delaware’s decision and voted yes for independence. On July 2 the declaration was passed by twelve votes to zero. Out of the 13 colonies, 12 voted for the draft.

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July 4 1776 Approval of final draft

On July 4, 1776, Congress approved the final draft, and the first set of “a Declaration by the Representatives of the United States of America” was ready for printing.

July 5, 1776 -The first 200 copies were published.

On July 9 1776 New York agreed to the vote.

The 13 colonies were in agreement.

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July 19, 1776, an official copy is ordered for the Congress delegates to sign

On August 2, 1776, Congress members signed the declaration.

It is important to note that not every man who had been present on July 4 signed the declaration on August 2.  Two significant officials passed up the chance to sign and others were added later. The first and largest signature was from John Hancock, the president of the Congress.

Declaration of Independence Questions and Answers

Who Wrote Declaration of Independence? 

It was Thomas Jefferson who wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence. Additional editions of the draft were done by John Adams and Benjamin Franklin. After the editions, Jefferson integrated all the changes into what would become the final draft of the declaration of independence.

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When Was the Declaration of Independence Adopted?

2 August 1776

Who Signed the Declaration of Independence First?

John Hancock

How many signers of the declaration of independence?


Who was the last person to sign the declaration of independence?

Thomas McKean of Delaware

Who signed the declaration of independence on July 4, 1776?

  1. Thomas Jefferson,
  2. Benjamin Franklin,
  3. John Adams

Conclusion: Declaration of Independence Is Signed

As observed in the above summary, the events that lead to the signing of the Declaration of Independence started months before the actual signing. Although there is a division on the actual date i.e. July 4, 1776, vs August 2, 1776, the first date the declaration was signed was July 4th.