Common family planning methods in Kenya

As we look at common family planning methods in Kenya, it is important to know that the since independence more and more women are accepting the idea of having less children.

Common family pCommon family planning methods in Kenyalanning methods in Kenya

As a result many have accepted different methods of family planning, which today we are going to look at. The types of family planning method chosen by Kenyan women depend on several factors.

Factors affecting choice of family planning methods in Kenya include

1. Level of education

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A Kenyan woman is likely to accept any form of family planning method as the level of education increases. In most marginalized areas like Northern part of the country, fewer women accept any form of method hence a higher birth rate.

2. Cultural beliefs

There are some culture who discourage any form of family planning and over the years women in such culture are forced to have as many children as possible

3. Health background

Every woman react differently to the different forms of family plan methods, so every woman makes a decision depending on the best method that suites their needs.

Family planning methods in Kenya

Below are the common family planning methods in Kenya

1. Injectable
2. Implants
3. Pills
4. intra uterine device (IUD)
5. Tubal ligation
6. Male condoms