Chuka University Chogoria Campus

Chuka University Chogoria Campus is situated on the serene eastern slopes of Mount Kenya near Chogoria Township. The location of Chogoria Campus provides a perfect setting for learning and interaction between students and staff from all walks of life, free from the hustle and bustle of mundane activities. At Chogoria Campus of Chuka University, high quality and affordable university education are the hallmarks of our operations.
By choosing to join Chogoria Campus of Chuka University, you will be joining a fraternity of committed scholars whose quest for academic excellence is exemplary. Admission of qualifies candidates for the programmes listed below is done every year in May and September for fulltime (FT), August and December for School-Based (SB) learners.

Courses Offered at Chuka University Chogoria Campus

Undergraduate Courses
1.    Bachelor of Commerce (FT)
2.    Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and small Business Mgt (FT)
3.    Bachelor of Purchasing and Supplies Management(FT)
4.    B.Ed (Arts) (FT) 5. B.ED (Primary Option) (SB)
5.    B.Ed (Secondary Option) (SB)
6.    B.Ed (Early Childhood Education)(FT)
7.    B.Sc (Ecotourism & Hospitality Management) (FT)
8.    Bachelor of Tourism & Hotel Mgt (FT)
9.    Bachelor of Catering & Hotel Mgt (FT)
10.    B.Sc (Community Development) (FT)
11.    BA (Criminology & Security (FT)

Diploma Programmes (FT)
1.    Diploma in Business Management
2.    Diploma in Education (Primary)
3.    Diploma in Education(secondary )
4.    Diploma in Ecotourism and Hospitality Management
5.    Diploma in Tourism & Hotel Mgt

Certificate Course
1.    Business Management
2.    Tourism & Hospitality Management
3.    Bridging in English, Kiswahili, Physics, Chemistry or mathematics

All Certificate and Diploma course give the candidate access to advanced programmes through credit transfer where applicable*