Companies which pay interns Salaries in Kenya

Companies that Pay Interns in Kenya: Searching for companies in Kenya that pay their interns salaries or companies that pay interns in Kenya? Do interns get paid in Kenya? Yes, there are companies that pay interns Salaries in Kenya. There are some companies that appreciate their interns because they are as good at working. If … Read more

Forests in Kenya

Forests in Kenya. Kenya is aiming to have a forest cover of 15 percent by the year 2022. Even with this aim in mind the country has been facing lots of challenges in achieving enough forest cover. Forests in Kenya Below is the list of forests in Kenya Kakamega forest Kakamega Forest is located in … Read more

List of International courier companies in Kenya

There are more than 50 International courier companies in Kenya. These postal and courier services in Kenya range from the regional, national, and international courier and postal companies. In Kenya you will also find transporting and freight companies that transport a huge number of parcels everyday. The international courier companies in Kenya transport parcels and … Read more

Business to Start with 500k in Kenya

Best Business to Start In Kenya

Business to Start with 500k in Kenya is a detailed article that looks at different opportunities available for both employed and unemployed Kenyans. Many Kenyans are unemployed and even those in formal employment are either underpaid or need extra income to help them pay the bills. There are plenty of Small businesses one can start … Read more