Best Online Degree Programs

Best Online Degree Programs: Online degrees are becoming common and it is good we look at the best degree to study online. Recently one in every three university student is or has taken an online course at least once. The need for online education is growing at a high rate. Even though some of the courses are not being offered online soon almost everything will go online.

Currently, some of the field and courses offered include business, engineering, healthcare, information technology, computer science, accounting, psychology, education criminal justice, etc.

For people interested in online study, we have extensively looked at the best degree to study online. For both undergraduate and graduate we have considered factors such as available job opportunities, market demand, projected growth, and the trends.

Best Online Degree Programs

Below is a list of the best degree to study online.

The Best Degrees to Study Online

1.    Online Bachelor’s degree in business administration

Online Bachelor’s degree in business administration gives students to specialize in areas such as human resource, marketing, finance, management, logistics and information technology. As result one can be employed in middle level and management positions both locally and internationally.  Depending on the personal interest a graduate with Online Bachelor’s degree in business administration can build careers in banking, insurance, marketing, financial advisory, human resource, administration etc. Basically, a graduate with this degree can be able to handle many aspects in a business set up.

It takes around 36 months to complete this course although it will depend on a specific university
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2.    Online Master’s in Business Administration (MBA)

In addition to flexibility, the other best thing with online master’s in business administration is that it leads to better employment with better pay.  MBA is more of a practical study that will involve lots of case study, information analysis and interpretation. Online Master’s Degree in Business Administration is no different from the normal classroom set up as one can specialize in finance, information systems, economics, marketing, human resource management, leadership and accounting.
MBA takes two to years to complete but it will depend on ones commitment to finishing the research work. MBA graduate can build career in in management of organizations’ marketing, information systems, technology, international marketing etc.

3.    Online Master’s in Finance

According to international standard a graduate with a master’s in finance has an opportunity of getting $59,000. Online master’s degree in finance is a good program that gives graduates an advanced knowledge in areas such as investment administration, corporate finance management, banking and financial management of both profit making and non-profit making organizations either public or private.
With an online master’s degree in finance one can specialize as an investment analyst who weighs investment options for pension funds, stock and security firms, banks, investment fund and mutual funds. With enough experience, becoming a portfolio manager or financial analyst is one of the good positions one can have.

4.    Online Bachelor’s in Hotel & Hospitality Management

Online Bachelor’s in Hotel & Hospitality Management is one of the most diverse program that offers a wide range of opportunities in the hotel industry, restaurant management, tourism management, meeting and conference management etc. Some of the sector that employ these graduates include hotels, tourism firms, event planning firms, game parks, amusement parks, resorts,  clubs and associations and many other.

5.    Online Master’s Degree in Project Management

Many businesses require project managers as they plan, budget, coordinate and appraise any project being undertaken by the organization. Combining Online Master’s Degree in Project Management with expertise in a specific field can create an added advantage as it will give better management capabilities. For instance an engineer with addition masters in project management will be able to manager an engineering project better than someone without an engineering background.
Project managers are required in specific fields like engineering, construction, computer engineering etc.

6.    Online Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

Some of the best paying jobs are related to a degree program in computer science. Some of these jobs include software developer, system developers, IT consultants, database administrators and computer analyst. The degree allows graduates to venture in areas such as software development and management, digital data forensic, data mining, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, game design, animation, robot design, data security and more others. Due to the advanced atomization of most operations in business, computer science graduate are in demand in almost all sectors. Some of these sectors are the health sector, banking, government institutions, insurance, universities, entertainment, Television production etc.
The course may take four years and covers areas such as networking, system security, programming, server administration, etc. involves
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7.    Online Master’s degree in Computer Security/Cyber security/Computer forensic.

The increased cases of cyber-crimes are making many organizations look for alternatives for a better security of their data. Currently the demand of cyber security specialist is high. As a result this program is one of the best degrees to study online. A graduate with a master’s in computer security is likely to become a manager in data management, online security, information access, system security, information technology etc.
Computer security specialists safeguard the security, privacy, accessibility and reliability of data and transfer systems. This ensures that data in storage, processing or transit is well protected and cannot be manipulated in any way. In general they prevent unwanted hackers form tampering with data

8.    Online Bachelor’s Degree in Health Administration

In every health facility a healthy administrators is an important person who assist in day to day running of a health facilities. Healthcare administrators can specialize in the type of facilities to work in. For example on can choose a hospital or special care nursing homes
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9.    Online Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering

Online Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering is one of the best degrees to study online. Civil Engineers are also among the highest paid individuals in the world. The work of civil Engineers plan and oversee the construction of roads, bridges, water tunnels, sewage systems etc. A graduate with a master’s degree in civil engineering can specialize in construction, structural engineering, transport engineering etc.

10.    Online Bachelor’s Degree in Health Information Management

This online course exposes student’s on how to manage data to ease the running of health facilities. They course looks at statistics, research, information management etc.  A the end of the course a graduate can be able to professionals collect and examine patients’ histories, use computers system  and specified equipment to keep indexes, make reports, update records and assign patients to appropriate treatment or care

11.    Online Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources

Human resource management is very significant in a company. Without a well-motivated man power it would be difficult for a company to attain its goal and objectives.  Companies’ are currently placing lots of importance in human resource training, motivation, development, appraisal and compensation.
An Online Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources will prepare and enable the graduate be able to deal with the human resource needs. They will develop policies, training models, structures and management methods that will cater for the needs of employees. As result a company will be reduce staff turnover, misconduct, poor management etc.
The human resource manager also enables the company to enact labour laws as per the expectation of the legal laws.

12.    Online Bachelor’s Degree in Web Development

Being one of the best degrees to study online, Bachelor’s Degree in Web Development is a marketable course. One of the modern day companies are designing website as a marketing tool. Web designer are required by both private and public organizations. The advantage with this career is that one may easily become a consultant who can be able to deal with different organizations at the same time.
Some of the topics taught in web development include computer design, animation, graphics, coding, publishing of online content and many others

13.    Online Bachelor’s Degree in Graphics & Multimedia

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Graphics & Multimedia is one of the marketable degrees to study online as it leads to well-paying career. Some of the position one can have include computer graphic designer, animation producer, digital media producer, graphic content manager etc. Many graphic designers mostly end up in self-employment where they design websites, produce videos, make electronic publications, develop adverts, etc.

14.    Online Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

Marketing is broad field and depending on one’s interest one can take a marketing course in International Management, Sales and Marketing Internet Marketing, , and Marketing Management and PR & Marketing,
Marketing Experts assess the marketing and public relations of prospective companies and they implement and supervise parts of a marketing strategy.
A bachelor’s degree program in marketing exhaustively assesses topics such as consumer activities, promotion policies, the philosophies of effective sales promotion, product development, pricing and ways of effective marketing

15.    Online Master’s Degree in Marketing

Online Master’s Degree in Marketing looks at details in marketing theories, principles, concepts, brand creation & management and research. In addition students also study about new product creation, market identification and segmentation, methodologies in marketing etc.
Some of the roles a graduate in marketing can handle include research analyst, marketing manager, promotion manager and others.