Best Dreadlocks styles in Nairobi

In Nairobi women have embraced change in regard to the hairstyles.  Dreadlocks have become common and today we are going to look at best dreadlocks styles in Nairobi.

Many women prefer having dreadlocks as they consider them to be more manageable than the normal hair.

Best Dreadlocks Styles

Best Dreadlocks styles in Nairobi

How to start growing dreadlocks

For those who are wondering how they would turn their natural hair to locks, the process is easy but requires a lot of patience. To lock your natural hair you will require a moulding gel, usually found in most local beauty shop.

The size width of the locks will depend on how the hair sections will be divided. With proper management it can take up to six months for your locks to fully form. To grow your dreadlocks longs you will need to eat well, exercise regularly, constantly oil and wax them.

Best dreadlocks salons/stylist in Kenya

Before we look at best dreadlocks styles in Nairobi, we list the best dreadlocks salons/stylist in Kenya. The list is based on experiences from different clients and the quality of services they give. Dreadlocks stylists have recently increased as more women are accepting this style which was previously associated with Rastafarians.

A visit to one of this salon/stylist will leave you impressed and looking forward for another good experiment with your locks

  1. Dreadlocks Nairobi Kenya and Beauty Salons

Located along Moi Avenue inside Kenya cinema building

Phone no: 0723 687868

  1. Nairobi Sister locks and Dreadlocks Experts

Located along Tom Mboya Street

Phone no: 0720 551665

  1. Well springs Dreadlocks salon

Located along Tom Mboya

Phone No: 0701 243139

  1. Dreadlocks Africa Ltd

Located at World Business Centre along Tom Mboya

0712 694566

  1. Classic Dreadlocks

Located in Kahawa West

Phone no: 0725 279848

  1. Johnnie The loctician

Located along Kimathi street

0727 591400

  1. Blessed Beauty Parlour

Located along Tom Mboya Street, Inside Family Trade Centre Building, opposite Eastmatt supermarket

Also located in Sasa mall.1st floor room f35
Nairobi, Kenya

Phone no: 0702 341653

  1. Creative Dreadlocks Palace Kenya

Phone no: 0723241775

To create a more fashionable look dreadlocks can be styled into different ways as illustrated below,

Dread hairstyles

Courtesy of: Pinterest

A simple way to style your locks at home is just roll the up and use hair pins for support; this will be suitable for long dreadlocks. To bring out more elegance you can add some few beads at the end of few locks.

Best Dreadlocks styles in Nairobi

For someone who has constantly styled their locks, one can just tie them in to a ponytail. A simple style than can give someone a relaxed look

From: Pinterest

To give a more sophisticated look one can dye the tips of the lock, some part can then twist then other part be rolled with curl rolls to create curled locks. No doubt this style will be fit for both official and non-official duties.


From: Nairobi sister locks

Dreadlocks can also be twisted together to form simple cornrows which one can add weave or other braids to form a good appearance and full high bun


Well springs Dreadlocks salon

By: Well springs Dreadlocks salon

By: Classic Dreadlocks


For someone who admires curly dreadlocks one can curl them You can also twist your locks in on one side and curl the other

By: Dreadlocks Africa Ltd

Holding your locks into pony tail can also be added some style by folding the edges in to a simple or sophisticated style.

Courtesy of Pinterest

One of the best styles for your dreadlocks is high bun. It looks presentable and yet one can attend to official meeting with such style.