Bachelor of Law in Kenya

Bachelor of Law in Kenya: To become a lawyer in Kenya you must have proper academic qualifications from well-recognized universities/institutions. To help you understand how you can become a lawyer in Kenya we have looked at some of the important answers to question such

  • Bachelor of Law requirements
  • Which universities in Kenya offer Bachelor of Law?
  • How many years does one take to complete a Bachelor of Law in Kenya?

Bachelor of Law requirements in Kenya

You can pursue this course as a parallel student or regular student sponsored by the government. In each case, the minimum requirement may vary. In most circumstances, the requirements of a regular student are higher but in the end the fee payable is lower than that for a parallel student. Under private sponsorship/parallel program, the minimum overall grade is mostly a C plus, in addition to other cluster subjects/qualification requirement set by different universities

For regular students, the first minimum requirement to get an admission by KUCCPS to study law in Kenya is that you must have a scored at least B plain in either of the two languages (English or Kiswahili). Different institutions have different cut-off points to join the course. From 2015-2018 the cut off points for the 4 cluster subjects ranged between 22.41 in Embu University to 43.48 in University of Nairobi.  In short,  for you to study Law at University of Nairobi in 2018 (cut off 40.096) it would require you to pass very well in the entire cluster subject.

Minimum Subject Requirements

Subject 1         ENG / KIS         B

Minimum Entry Requirements

Cluster Subject 1         ENGLISH / KISWAHILI


Cluster Subject 3         GEOGRAPHY / CRE / IRE / HRE/HGA

Cluster Subject 4         GSC / HAG / GEO / CRE / IRE / HRE / HSC / ARD / AGR / WW / MW / BC / PM / ECT / DRD / AVT / CMP / KSL / MUC / BST/ BIO / PHY / CHE / FRE / GER / ARB


Which universities in Kenya offer Bachelor of Law?

The best universities that offer Bachelor of Law include:

  1. University of Nairobi
  2. Kenyatta University
  3. Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology
  4. Moi University
  5. Egerton University
  6. Kisii University
  7. Kabarak University
  8. Mount Kenya University
  9. Catholic University of East Africa
  10. African Nazarene University
  11. University of Embu

How many years does one take to complete a Bachelor of Law in Kenya?

Normally it takes 5 years for you to graduate with a Bachelor degree in Law. After you graduate, you must join Kenya School of Law if you want to become an advocate. In this school you will get a diploma in law which will take 1 year. If you don’t have a Diploma in Law from Kenya School of Law, you aren’t allowed to practice law.