Australian Studies Institute

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Australian Studies Institute

Australian Studies Institute (AUSI ) started in 2000, offering only foundation and Diploma programs on behalf of Australian Colleges which would lead to Bachelor Degrees in Australia. Some of the courses offered include

  • Diploma of Communications
  • Diploma of Business,
  • Certificate IV Tertiary Preparation Progra

Courses Offered Australian Studies Institute

Take a look at the courses offered at Courses Offered Australian Studies Institute and find one that meets your needs.

•    Bridging Course in English(English)
•    Bridging Course in Computer Skills(Computer Skills)
•    Bridging Course in Mathematics(Mathematics)
•    Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Certification(MCSE)Intensive Life Galileo Training(Galileo)
•    Certificate in Computer Science(Computer Science)

•    Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Finance(Banking and Finance)
•    Bachelor of Arts(Interior Design)
•    BBM(Business)
•    Diploma in Communication(Communication)
•    Bachelor of Business(Business Edge Program)

•    Diploma in Computing Information Technology()
•    Diploma in Business Studies(Business Studies)
•    Diploma in Community Nutrition(Community Nutrition)
•    Master of Science in Horticulture(Horticulture)

Australian Studies Institute Contacts

Located in Centro House, Westlands

PO Box 25520 – 00603 Nairobi, Kenya

Tel:  + 254 (0) 20 444 1110    + 254 (0) 20 444 6531    + 254 (0) 20 444 6420

Email: info@