7 Practical Tips for handling KASNEB Exams

Kenya students refer to KASNEB exams like the Certified Public Accountants as very difficult and challenging. However this should not be always the case. Preparations are done in all manners but what is sometimes forgotten is the PRACTICAL EXAM TIPS on the big day. The following is compilation of a list of practical exam tips to save you time and energy, and hopefully give you the edge on the exam day.

Before the Day

Since the exam centre may be unfamiliar, go for a day trip to the exam hall. Work out the best route, make sure you have plenty of time to get there, and try to visualize the big day walking in, being confident, feeling read this will all help to calm the nerves on exam day. Ensure the exam timetable; National identification card and the necessary stationery are kept well.

Go to bed, even if you don’t sleep. Cramming can help in some people in some types of exams, but overall staying up late, not resting and cramming, will probably do more harm than good.

Before the Hall

Find your personal space. However you can decide to have last minute revision, stay calm, relax, and focus.

Before the Exam

Although it may sound unrealistic one should try to relax, smile, act positive (even if you are worried) and think good thoughts. It will all help to ensure you start the exam well.

During Exam

One of the main controllable reasons students fail is dependent on how much time is given to each question. Depending on the question each should have appropriate time so it’s up to every person to do the math, and be extremely strict with their time throughout the exam. Write the allocated time against each question, and move on quickly when this time is passed.
It is always advisable to start with the easier questions to pick up early marks than scrap out a final few marks. All questions should be handled whether it is one mark or half a mark per answer, and in cases where the answers may not be forthcoming it’s advisable to make an attempt

Before the End

Reading through the written answers helps correct any simple mistakes made. Ensuring the Student number of identification is written down is an important affair as its only way to be identified

After the exam

Avoid discussing the paper done and focus on the next paper. Any mistakes made in terms of timing should be a milestone in improving the speed of answering the questions in the following paper.