6 Things not to include in your resume

Sometimes you don’t need to give all information to your prospective employer. To help in this we have looked at; 6 Things not to include in your job resume

6 Things not to include in your resume

What you chose to write in your application and curriculum vitae might reveal more than the required and as a result you may damage your chances of being called for an interview. It’s necessary to position yourself in a manner that will place you a notch higher than the average candidate. To do this you need to avoid putting the following in your application.

Doubt about your career choice
Although you may not have a well detailed career path it’s more promising to show interest in the job application you make. Employers receive many applications and they often choose the candidates who seem more interested in the company and the position applied for. One of the ways to show doubt about your career choice is writing vague applications that have no clear subject. It’s advisable to clearly outline the position you are applying for and be able to bring out the necessary skills that you have that are in line with the positions requirements.

Signs of low self-confidence
In any application the employers want to see the strengths that can make one outshine all the other applicants. It’s of great benefit to understand the technical elements of the job you are applying for. To bring out high self confidence you need to portray instance where you have made independent choices that have been successful.

Instead of making demands it would be more appropriate to pave way for negotiations. For instance, if you are applying for a part-time job, don’t apply asking for specific working hours. Wait till you pass the interview and get the job then you can start negotiating for specific hours after full comprehending and seeing the flexibility of working hours

Negative personal attitudes
Every person has some negative side, but personality and attitude are essential elements in candidate selection. In some cases admitting your attitudes could lead to disqualifications. For example if you resigned from your previous position due to work related misunderstanding with colleagues or the boss, mentioning such events would results to a low competitiveness in the selection process.

Background limitations
Avoid mentioning any family background limitation or previously cured mental or physical illness. In some instances married people have been ineligible for certain positions by indicating lack of flexibility when choosing the location of the work station. As previously indicated reveal the best picture when applying for the position but during the interview you can negotiate for special arrangements.

Past failures
Although past failures can be a stepping to achieving greater things, few employers overlook any signs of past failure; in most cases employers prefer consistence and solid history of achievement. In cases where one had a very poor performance it would be advisable to avoid mentioning the failure unless where mentioning it becomes necessary. For instance if you have you have outlived your past failures it would be pleasant to avoid mentioning it.