Where to Find Mushroom Farmers and Mushroom Experts in Kenya

Are a upcoming mushroom farmers wondering Where to find mushroom farmers and Mushroom experts in Kenya?

For people planning to get into mushroom farming, nothing comes in handy as the advice of a person who has ventured in the same field.  We have previously looked at Where to sell your mushrooms in Kenya, general Mushroom farming in Kenya and Best types of mushroom to plant in Kenya.

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Recently there are many farmers who have accepted mushroom but for still the demand is still high. As more and more people get into mushroom farming we have aimed to provide much information as possible.

It is in this regard that, we would like to give more information on where to find mushroom farmers and experts who grow or study the growth of mush rooms in Kenya.

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Name                                                    Location                               Phone number

Mushroom Guru                              Nairobi                                 0731 079150

Mushroom Kenya                            Karen Nairobi                   0735 803239

Mushroom blue                               Kiambu                                 0715 741222

Icara Farm                                           Naivasha                              +254 722 285 017

Victor Kyalo                                        Machakos

Jeff Anthony                                      Kisumu

Muhia Kahinju                                   Dagorreti

Metrin Akinyi                                     Kisumu

James Karanja                                   Limuru

Zacharia Mwangi                              Juja, Kiambu

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John Muchura                                   Juja- Kiambu County.

Kilima Mushroom Farm                                                                 0711 633987

Starich farm                                                                                        0702818141

Kuuno farm                                                                                        0721 701621

Jack Muchai-North Rift Grower Associations

Lucy Wanjiru- Founder of Producers of Mushroom Association, Kenya (POMAK)

Naboth Ahoya                                   Moi University