To send Money to Pesa Link via CBA Loop

To send Money to Pesa Link via CBA Loop. If the person you are sending money to is registered on Pesa Link, send money directly to their bank account in near real-time if you have their mobile number.

To send Money to Mobile via Pesa Link:

1. Go to the Hamburger Menu on the Home Page

2. Select ‘Send Money’ option then select ‘To Mobile’

3. Select the send money via ‘Pesa Link‘ option

4. Enter the recipient’s mobile number by either keying in the number or searching from the saved favourites/phone book contacts.

5. Enter the Purpose and Category fields – this will be really helpful when reviewing the personal financial management #PFM for great insights on your spend.

6. Proceed to Send Money Confirmation Screen and Confirm that the details you have entered are correct.

7. IF you have set up use of a One Time Password (OTP) in your account management, confirm your payment by keying in the password received to authorise the transaction.