Thika Technical Training Institute

Thika Technical Training Institute provides training, Research and outreach programs that impact skills and utilize applied knowledge to prompt economic growth and solve problems in society.
As a centre of training in Technical, Vocational and Entrepreneurship, it offers the following courses:
Health and Applied Sciences Department
•    Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology
•    Diploma in Analytical Chemistry
•    Diploma in Applied Biology
•    Certificate in Science Laboratory Technology

Mechanical Engineering Department
•    Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Plant Option)
•    Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Production option)
•    Craft in Mechanical Engineering (Production option)

Human Resource Management Department
•    Diploma in Human Resource Management
•    Diploma in Community Development
•    Certificate in Human Resource Management
•    Certificate in Social Work

Business Studies Department
•    Diploma in Business  Management
•    Diploma in Supply Chain  Management
•    Diploma in supply Management
•    Diploma in Business  Administration
•    certificate in Business  Administration
•    Certified Public Accountant
•    Accounting Technician Certificate
•    Single and Group Secretarial Certificate

Electrical/Electronic Engineering Department
•    Diploma in Electrical and electronic technology (power option)
•    Diploma in Electrical and electronic technology (telecommunication option)
•    Craft Certificate in Electrical and electronic technology (power option)
•    Craft Certificate in Electrical and electronic technology (Telecommunication)
•    Artisan in Electrical Installation

Building and Civil Engineering Department
•    Diploma in Building Construction
•    Diploma in Building Technology
•    Diploma in Civil Engineering
•    Diploma in Civil Engineering
•    Diploma in Quantity Surveying
•    Craft Certificate in Masonry

Automotive Engineering Department
•    Diploma in Automotive Engineering
•    Craft in Automotive Engineering
•    Agricultural Engineering
•    Craft certificate in Agricultural Engineering
•    Artisan certificate in Agricultural Mechanics
•    Craft certificate in General Agriculture

Information Communication Technology Department
•    Diploma in Information Technology
•    Diploma in Information Communication Technology
•    Certificate in information Technology
•    Computer Packages
•    Certificate in Information Studies

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