St. Martin De Porres Teachers Training Colleges

St.Martin de Porres Teachers College was established in 1998. It is a catholic sponsored Institution, under the auspices of the Assumption Sisters of Nairobi (ASN). The college aims at producing well equipped teachers by empowering them with skills to enable them be responsible, reliable, self-reliable and productive citizens.

St. Martin De Porres Teachers College evolved from St Martin de Porres Vocational Training Centre – Kiserian which offered disadvantaged youth (boys and girls) skills which enabled them to earn a living and to be an active members of the society. With the introduction of free education in Kenya and free skills training village polytechnic, there was drastic low enrolment at St Martin de Porres Vocational Training Centre.
With a wider consultation between the stakeholders and the community and in keeping the original vision of the centre in mind, the Assumption Sisters of Nairobi, opted to transform the centre into a Teachers college for the following reasons:
1.    To continue training the youth to be self reliant, useful and active participants in development in Kenya.
2.    To make use of the splendid facilities meant for youth capacity building and training.
3.    Improve education and training in Maasailand.

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The three reasons were seen to be in line with the original ideas of the donor community Kindernothilfe E.V (KNH) and with the country’s vision for Youth Agenda in developing country Kenya. That is why the ASN started the Teacher Training College progressively.
Since then the institution has grown, offering diploma and Certificate courses in education.  

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Mission Statement
To provide quality Christian Teacher education and training that will enhance development of professionalism for life career.

To motivate, encourage and produce competence teachers well equipped with skills upholding high morals and intellectual virtues.


Education for competence, morals and intellectual virtues

From 1999 to 2009, St. Martin had successfully produced over three thousand graduates with various skills which include Building trade, mechanics, electrical and electrical installation, catering, garment making and hairdressing and beauty. Majority of the trainees are now working and supporting their poor families.

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From 2009 to date, St. Martin De Porres Teachers College has produced more than three hundred and eight teachers for ECDE, PTE and DTE course. The teachers are easily adopted in the community and this has greatly improved the education standards especially in Kajiado County.

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