Online Bachelor of Supply chain and Logistics Management

Online Bachelor of Logistics Management produces professionals skilled in performing and managing operations in the procurement, warehousing, and transporting of goods in a global market. Areas covered in this degree include material sourcing, demand planning, order delivery and information systems relevant to resource planning.

Course outline

Coursework for online Bachelor of Supply chain and Logistics Management is no different from the classroom set up. It also includes coverage of supply chain strategies, incorporates basic knowledge in several related disciplines, including, economics, finance, accounting, information systems and management.

Admission Requirements

In order to enroll for this degree one will have to meet the requirements similar to all undergraduate degree as outlined by every university. Learners’ applications must be accepted by the university based on minimal entry requirement and other standards. In some instances some college credits can be considered and hence one can earn a degree with certain exemptions. Graduate programs require students to have a minimum of bachelor’s degree

Career options a graduate with Bachelor of Supply chain and Logistics Management degree.

This degree is marketable because most of the organizations have a procuring department. Some of the position one can venture into include logistic manager, inventory control manager, logistics manager, procuring officer, production manager, supply chain officer, transport manager etc.

Factors to consider when selecting University offering online degree

There are several factors to consider but the first that one should look at is the accreditation of University to offer online degree. Different countries have different regulations, so one should do a thorough study of the same. Secondly, one can look at the resources available especially in terms of infrastructure and human resource.

Benefits of online Bachelor of Supply chain and Logistics Management degree

A graduate will be well recognized by relevant logistics regulatory body. It also possible to learn conveniently and whenever a break is required one do so without losing any lessons time. Learning is also made relevant according to the current markets demands. Due to update content that is taught one adapt to changes in the job market hence improved performance and competitive edge

Universities offering online Bachelor of Supply chain and Logistics Management

•    Ashford University
•    Franklin University
•    University of Phoenix