New Salary for Kenyan Teachers in 2018

New salary for Kenyan teachers in 2018 will come hardy in helping bridge the gap that existed between Kenyan teachers and other civil servants.

With this increment the least paid teacher will get KES 19,224 and the highest senior principal will get KES 121,890 per month.

A fresh secondary school graduate teacher will get a minimum of KES 32,988.

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Primary teacher II                   19,224-27,195

Primary teacher I                    25,929-33,994

Senior Teacher I                      39,532-53,943

Senior Teacher II                     27,325-34,955

Deputy Head Teacher II          26,610-52,308

Head Teachers and Deputy Head teacher 1 29,427-62,272

Senior Head teacher               55,231-85,269

Secondary school teacher III (Diploma) 25,929-33,994

Secondary Teacher II Bachelors         32,988-43,694

Secondary Teacher I                           37,721-53,943

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Senior Master or Mistress III              29,427-62,272

SENIOR Master or Mistress II/I          55,231-85,269

Deputy principal III/II/I                       59,286-91,041

Principal                                              59,286-104,644

Senior principal                                   87,900-121,890