Mzumbe University Admission Requirements

Searching for Mzumbe University Admission Requirements? Find some of the requirements and application guidelines for Mzumbe University Admission. Know the requirements while doing the application

General Provisions
Admission Fees
Applicants must pay an application fee (amount to be determined from time to time). Fees for prospective candidates applying at the Main Campus are payable to:-

Mzumbe University
CRDB Bank Plc Account no. 01J1012013400

Fees for prospective candidates applying at the Dar es Salaam Campus College are payable to:-

Mzumbe University
CRDB Bank Plc Account no. 01J1043012201

Fees for prospective candidates applying at the Mbeya Campus College are payable to:-
Mzumbe University
CRDB Bank Plc Account no. 01J1065743701

All enquiries about admission for undergraduate studies should be addressed
Admission Office
Mzumbe University,
P.O. Box 1,
Mzumbe, Tanzania.
All enquiries about admission for postgraduate studies should be addressed to:-

The Director
Directorate of Research, Publication and Postgraduate Studies
P.O. Box 63,
Mzumbe, Tanzania.

Payment of Fees
Students will only be registered upon payment of the prescribed fees in full, whose amount shall be determined by the university from time to time.

Guarantee of Sponsorship
Applications can only be considered for registration once the University receives satisfactory evidence that the candidate will be adequately financed during his or her course at the University. Applicants who are in need of assistance to meet the University fees and expenses should seek bursaries from funding organizations. Currently, the University does not offer any scholarship or financial assistance to any candidate seeking admission.

Mzumbe University Academic Year
The academic year normally starts in October every year, and ends in July, except for first year
programmes earmarked for staggered semester.

Registration Deadline
Deadline for registration for new students will be two weeks after the first day of orientation week. All new students are required to submit original certificates, including birth certificates, for the purpose of registration. No student will be registered after the deadline and /or without presentation of original certificates.

Deadline for registration for continuing students will be at the end of the first week of each semester.
Students who fail to register within this period will not be admitted into the semester and may be required to postpone or be deregistered if they do not apply for postponement.

Change of Courses
No student will be allowed to change programme after admission.

Consistency of Students’ Names
No change of names by students will be permitted during the course of study at the University and students will only be allowed to use names appearing on certificates which qualified them for admission. Exceptions to this provision are the following circumstances:
i) Marriage
ii) Change of religion
iii) Divorce

General Admission Requirements for the Bachelor Degrees Programmes
The following are the MINIMUM entrance requirements for undergraduate degrees programmes:

Direct Entry Scheme
Applicants under direct entry scheme must fulfill the following requirements:
(i) Must hold at least three (3) O-level credit passes in relevant subjects according to specific programme.
(ii) The applicant must have at least two principal level passes and one subsidiary level pass in the A level, provided that the total number of points is at least 4 .5 in the scale where A=5;

Equivalent Qualifications Entry Scheme
Applicant under this scheme must meet the following requirements before they can be selected:
(i) Must hold an appropriate Diploma from an accredited Institution of not less than second class level from a registered institution.

(ii) Must hold a certificate from Mzumbe University of not less than second class level, following completion of form VI with at least one principal level pass and at least 3.5 points in the Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education.

NOTE: Additional requirements for entry to a particular Faculty or Programme are presented in the Faculty specific requirements in section B.

Mature Age Entry Scheme
The university offers an alternative method of entry through the Mature age entry Scheme for applicants who satisfy the following requirements:

(i) Applicants must be 25 years of age or older, in the year in which admission is sought and the applicant must have attended and passed tests in extra mural classes, residential courses or courses offered by adult education centre or college recognized by an appropriate authority. OR must have post secondary school work experience in relevant field of not less than four (4) years.
(ii) Applicants must have at least two (2) credit passes in relevant subjects in specific programmes in their Ordinary Certificate of Secondary Education (O-Level).
(iii) Applicants must sit for and pass the Mzumbe University Mature Age Entry Examination at 50% level and above.

NOTE: Additional requirements for entry to a particular Faculty are presented in section B.
Principal passes in Divinity/Islamic Knowledge are NOT considered in the computation of points.

General Admission Requirements and Guidelines for the Postgraduate Degrees Programmes

Admission Requirements
The following are the MINIMUM entrance requirements for postgraduate degrees:
1. A candidate for admission into the master‟s degree shall hold at least a second class bachelor‟s degree from a recognized institution of higher learning or,
2. A second class advanced diploma or equivalent qualifications obtained in at least three (3) years of study or,
3. A professional qualification such as ACCA, CPA (T), MD, CSP, MCIPS, or their equivalent from recognized professional bodies or institutions,
4. A candidate with PASS degree will also be considered upon producing evidence of having obtained an examined postgraduate or professional qualification,
5. A candidate who holds unclassified degrees should have an average credit of B or above,
6. A candidate holding a degree whose classification is not easily distinguishable by the University shall be required to have his or her qualifications clarified by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) before being considered for an admission.
7. Additional requirements for entry to a particular Faculty/ Institute/ school or Programme are presented in the Faculty/ Institute/ school specific requirements.

Registration Requirements for the Postgraduate Degrees Programmes
a) A candidate shall be registered for the postgraduate diploma ormaster‟s degree, upon presenting proof of possession of the entry qualifications.
b) Deadline for registration for those selected during first selection shall be on the Friday of the second week of the semester of the academic year. For those selected during second selection the deadline shall be on the Friday of the fourth week after the commencement of the programme in that academic year.
c) No candidate shall be registered prior to payment of fees and other dues payable to MzumbeUniversity.
d) Except for executive/distance learning mode, the duration of registration shall be eighteen (18) months provided the maximum duration of active registration period (including extensions if any shall not exceed three (3) consecutive years. The maximum duration for executive/distance learning mode, shall be five (5) consecutive years.
e) Duration of registration shall be one (1) academic year for postgraduate diploma provided the maximum duration of active registration period (including extensions if any) shall not exceed three (3) consecutive years.
f) A student may be allowed to postpone studies for reasons of proven continued ill health supported by a doctor‟s medical certificate, financial problems, or for any other reason which, in the opinion of the Senate, is strong enough to prevent one from pursuing studies effectively.
g) Such postponement which shall be approved by the Senate shall be for a semester or one academic year as the case may be provided that this postponement would be within the limit of the three-year time frame.
h) A candidate requesting for postponement shall sit for supplementary examination for subjects he/she is entitled to supplement.
i) The candidate may apply for extension to relevant Faculty/Institute/School and the Directorate of
Research, Publications and Postgraduate Studies (DRPS), and the same be approved by the Senate.
A candidate who fails to complete his or her studies within the specified period shall be deregistered from studies.
j) Notwithstanding sections 3.3.3 and 3.3.4, a candidate seeking for extension beyond the specified period of completing his or her programme shall be required to pay extra fees proportionately.
k) A candidate who passes his or her coursework but fails to complete his or her dissertation or extra required coursework within the period of three (3) years will be entitled to a Postgraduate Diploma subject to Senate‟s approval.
l) A masters and postgraduate candidate who fails in not more than three subjects shall be allowed to sit for supplementary examinations in September. The candidate who fails in the supplementary examinations shall be allowed to re-sit the failed subjects during the end of semester one examinations of the following academic year, after which if he/she fails again shall be discontinued.
m) A candidate who produces a fraudulently obtained certificate during registration process or after registration shall not be registered or shall be deregistered and legal actions shall be taken against him or her.

Delivery Modes and Categories of Postgraduate Programmes
1. Masters programmes may be offered under the following delivery modes including but not limited to distance learning, executive, or mainstream.
2. The modes can be offered in two categories: by either coursework and dissertation, or coursework only.
3. Postgraduate diploma will be offered by coursework only.

Coursework and Examinations Evaluation
(i) Candidates registered for coursework and dissertation programme shall do coursework examinations following assessment criteria and procedures approved by the Senate through the relevant Faculties/Institutes/Schools
(ii) The coursework portion shall consist of a minimum of forty (40) credit points of postgraduate courses as specified by each Faculty/Institute/School. One (1) subject (other than subjects offered by the Faculty of Law) carries four (4) credit points. For the Faculty of Law one subject carries five (5) credit points. The courses may be taken at MzumbeUniversity or at any other approved institution.
(iii) Pursuant to section 3.1.5 of the Regulations and Guidelines for Postgraduate Programmes, the additional courses pursued to meet the minimum requirements to the programme shall not be counted during determination of the overall grade for the Masters.

(iv) Matters relating to evaluation and examinations not addressed in the Regulations and Guidelines for Postgraduate Programmes, shall abide to the MzumbeUniversity examination and students‟ assessment criteria by – laws.

Mzumbe University