Mwer Boys High School

Mwer Boys’ High School is a government boys’ day and boarding school situated in Sigoma / Uranga Sub location, South West Alego Location, Uranga Division, Alego Usonga Constituency in Siaya County.

The school sits on 6.2 Ha of land and its code is M6090104. The school started as a harambee school with two streams in 1968 then the government took it over in 1984.

Since then Mwer Boys’ High School has become one of the recognized school in the region.

Over the years the school has had different heads of the institution as follows:


NAME OF PRINCIPAL                                      YEAR SERVED

Mr. P.J. Okudo                                       1968 – 1969

Mr. Willy Kowino                                  1970 – 1980

Mr. M. Odhiambo                                 1980 – 1981

Mr. M.O Manguro                                 1982 – 1996

Mr. Patrick Lumumba                        1996 – 1997

Mr. Thomas Kogolla                           1997 -2000

Mr. Mr. S. Owino A                               2001 – 2003

Mr. C.O Opondo                                   2004 – 2005

Mr. J.O Oluanda                                   2006 – 2012

Mr. John Mboga                                   2013 – 2015

Mr. J.O. Mc Oyucho                            2015 – Date

Mwer Boys High School

Name of School:    Mwer Boys High School
School Address:    21 Uranga
Public or Private:    Public
School Sponsor:    Central Government/Deb
Girls/Boys/Mixed:    Boys Only
Day or Boarding:    Day And Boarding
Ordinary or Special:    Ordinary
Province:    Nyanza
County:    Siaya
District:    Siaya
Division:    Uranga
Location:    South West Alego
Sublocation:    Sigoma / Uranga
School Zone:    Mwer
Costituency:    Alego Usonga
Location:    (0.11776400000, 34.17850300000)
KODI County info:    Siaya

Mwer Boys’ High School Contacts

Email  :

Phone No : 0733 361 639

Address  : P.O.Box 21 Uranga