Movies Based On Real Life Stories From Kenya

As we look at Movies based on real life stories from Kenya it is evident that in every society there are events that happen that unite the people more, even if the events themselves were meant for harm.

In Kenya several events have shown that Kenyans are not separated by tribe or religion in cases where they need to unite together.  Such events have also been written and acted by different actors who have in a different way shown the whole world what Kenyans can endure and yet remain united.

Movies Based On Real Life Stories From Kenya

Below is a look at Movies based on real life stories from Kenya

  1. Watu wote

Watu wote is movie is created on a true story that occurred in November 2014. Mandera bus attack is one of the saddest scenarios in the country. In this circumstance a bus travelling from Mandera to Nairobi was attacked by Al-shabab, terrorist group who separated the Christians. They forced then to lie on the ground with their head facing the ground and all of them were shot at the back of their head. Most of those killed were majorly teachers going back home after the closure of schools for the December holiday. The movie borrows the same story and the ditector, Katja Benrath together with his team ensures the film is well done.

  1. 18 Hours

18 hours is Kenyan movie directed by Njue Kevin. The movie is based on real story of an accident victim who was hit and left for death only to be found by paramedics at a critical condition. On arrival at KNH, Kenyans biggest referral hospital, the patient was kept waiting for 18 hours to get an admission at the ICU. Several private hospitals rejected the victims since he could not pay Kshs 200,000/=.

  1. The First grader

The list of Movies based on real life stories from Kenya cannot be complete without mentioning ‘The first grader. It is a movie created on real life story of the late Kimani Maruge. At the age of 84 years Kimani joined grade one after the introduction of free primary education by the Narc Government back in 2003.

  1. To walk with Lions

To walk with lions is movie based on the life of George Adamson. Adamson was a game preserver and naturalist. He spent most of his life defending the lions and wildlife in Kenya’s Kora National Reserve. In his journey as game preserver he faced many challenges both from corrupt government officials and poachers. To precise he encounters poachers and government corruption blocking his quest for wildlife preservation. Directed by Carl Schultz, To walk with lion actually visualizes what Adamson went through.

  1. I dreamed of Africa

Another interesting movie based on real life is I dreamed of Africa. Released in May 2000 and directed by Hugh Hudson, this film is based on the life Kuki Galmanone Italian socialite who decided to settle in Kenya after she accepts to get married to a man she did know so well. As a single mother and divorced woman she moves to Kenya together with her young son to get married to Paolo. Life does not turn out as expected as she faces many challenges in the ranch which she had established with her husband. Her husband is too occupied with hunting that she has to manage the ranch alone. Kuki loses her animals through cattle raids and loses her son after being bitten by a snake. The former Italian socialite faces the worst but she too fond of the people around her and the love for nature make her become a natural conservatist.

  1. Nowhere in Africa

Nowhere in Africa is an Academy award winning movie that is based on the autobiography written Stephanie Zweig a Jewish-Germany who escapes from Germany in 1939 to avoid persecution by the Nazis. They start a ranch in Kenya but they face many challenges and opt to leave the country but they cannot hence the have to learn to live with the local community.

7.      Out of Africa (1985)

The success story of these movie which Starred Meryl Streep, Robert Redford and directed by Sydney Pollack cannot be over looked. Released in 1985, the film has received 28 awards. It is one the most successful movie based on a Kenya story of Karen Bixen. In 1913 Karen Bixen moved to Kenya to get married to her lover’s brother Baron Bror who turns out to be unfaithful to her. The loves story between the two does not turn out well and eventually Karen falls in love with Denys Finch a man she met on her first flight coming to Kenya to get married to Baron. After the divorcing from Baron, she starts to live with Denys only to realise they viewed the relationship differently as he did not wish not fully commit in marriage. At long after facing many challenges she decides to live the country and go back to Denmark.