Morako Vocational Training Centre

Morako Vocational Training Centre is a training organisation which provides a high quality, flexible learning environment.
Courses Offered:    

1. Artisan in Food processing technology (KNEC)
2. Trade Test in Appropriate carpentry and joinery (NITA
3. Trade Test in Tailoring and Dressmaking (NITA)
4. Trade Test in Motor vehicle mechanics (NITA)
5. Trade Test in Hairdressing and beauty therapy (NITA)
6. Craft in Information Communication Technology (KNEC)
7. Trade Test in Electrical Installation (NITA)
8. Trade Test in Plumbing (NITA)

The college offers other courses apart from the ones mentioned above
Contact the institution using the below details for more information

Morako Vocational Training Centre    
P.O Box 56- 40308