M-pesa Statement – How to get your M-pesa mini statement

Did you know you can access you m-pesa statement and get a view of all the transaction you have had for a period long as 3 months, 6 months or even one year?

If you m-pesa transaction are so many and you need to confirm certain payment that you cannot get in your messages then your m-pesa statement will help you do this.

Safaricom has made it so easy for you to get your m-pesa statement. The advantage of this service is that it is simple and fast and does not charge any fee. There are two main ways in which you can do this.

Ways to get M-pesa statement

  1. M-pesa mini statement

This is a simple version of your statement and it highlights the last transaction(s) you have done. It gives you the number of transaction including the amounts and the date

  1. M-pesa full statement sent through your email

A full m-pesa statement can still be sent to your email address in PDF format. You have the chance to choose up to one year statement

How to get your M-pesa mini statement

To get a simplified and mini m-pesa statement through your phone by following below statement

  • Visit you m-pesa menu
  • Select my account then choose mini statement
  • Enter you m-pesa pin and press ok
  • A simple m-pesa statement will appear showing the last transactions you did

Another way to get m-pesa mini statement by

  • Start by dialing *234#
  • Choose my m-pesa information
  • Select m-pesa Statement
  • Select mini Statement
  • After few seconds a simple statement will be sent to you

How to get your m-pesa statement in your email address

You can get a complete statement depending on the period you choose. This can be sent into your email address and the process is simple as indicated

To register to get m-pesa statement for the first time

  • You will dial *234# then press okay
  • Choose –My M-PESA information which is numbered as choice two
  • In the next prompt message choose M-PESA Statement
  • Select full Statement
  • You must fill in your correct National ID
  • Enter the e-mail address you choose the statement to be emailed to and confirm email
  • You will get a text message notifying you of your registration and the date in which your m-pesa statement will automatically be emailed too you

After following the above procedure the time it will take to get the statement in your email will vary but it can take up to 5 minutes or more. Once you open the m-pesa statement it will ask for password, enter your ID number,

The charges of getting an m-pesa statement is zero charges and you can access the services at the comfort of your home or whichever place you are in. You no longer have to visit any Safaricom shop or Safaricom customer office desk

Although there are many things you can sort using your m-pesa statement you cannot present in a court case. You can only do so by getting another approved copy by contacting Safaricom