Least selected degrees by Kenyan Students

For most entry jobs, unless the job is specialized, it doesn’t matter so much what bachelor’s degree one pursued in the undergraduate programme. Most entry jobs require basic skills that can be learnt by a graduate in any academic field. Regardless of this fact, many Kenyan students are disregarding some of the degree offered in the universities. As previously indicated in a related article “Marketable degrees in Kenya” some degree may have a lower unemployment rate, but that does not mean the rest are less important. Least preferred degrees by students include those related to professions in.

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1.    Anthropology and Archeology

Anthropology and Archeology majorly dwells on historical study of man together with the culture. Many organisations are business oriented and therefore they have high demand for graduate with experience of handling the present challenges in business world. This has made students totally ignore the degrees

2.    Performance arts, Theatre and Fine arts.

Although many Kenyans employers would rarely employ a candidate with a degree in Performance and fine Art, it does not mean that the degree is irrelevant. The film industry is coming up and soon many people will be absorbed into the industry

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3.    Humanities-pure geography, history

Many people who pursue a Bachelor of Arts (Geography or History) have a difficult of finding employment. As a result students are nowadays preferring to study Bachelor of Education (Arts) with a major in Geography or History.

4.    Philosophy

Philosophy is an interesting subject as it broadens one thinking capacity, however many students are unwilling to take philosophy as an area of their specialization.

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Education is important, but where one doesn’t enjoy at all the course they are studying, it becomes a big nightmare. If ones interest is to pursue a degree that is rarely chosen by others then one should not fear to pursue their dream.

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