Kenyan Movies Banned By Kenya Film and Classification Board

There are several Kenyan movies banned by the Kenya film and Classification Board (KFCB) based on different reasons. KFCB is the body mandated to regulate the film industry in the country.

Some of the reasons why below movies have been banned include having too bloody scenes, homo sexuality and even use vulgar language. According to KFCB a movie is banned since it contains materials that erode the moral fabric of society, undermine national interest and/or stability, or create conflict among various racial and religious groups.

In this regard KFCB will actually ban movies that contain scenes of pedophilia , ,bestiality, homo sexuality, detailed extreme violence, detailed instructions on how to commit crime, pornography, excessive nudity and materials encouraging drug abuse.

Kenyan Movies Banned By Kenya Film and Classification Board

Below are some of the Kenyan movies banned by Kenya film and Classification Board

  1. Rafiki

‘Rafiki’ is a movie written and directed by Wanuri Kahiu. Released in May 2018, the story is about two girls who fall in love and the challenges they face in a society many people disregard gay relationships. The film was shortly banned by Kenya film and Classification Board on claims that it supported lesbianism. According to Kenyan law homosexuality is punishable by 14 years.

  1. Otto The Blood Bath

In 2008 Otto the Blood Bath was to be realised as the Kenyan’s first Horror movie. The unfortunate thing is that the movie was banned by the Kenyan Censorship Board even before it was released. The ban was on the basis that it was too blood and had a lot of dead bodies. Years later the ban is yet to be lifted.

  1. Paradise Love

Paradise love was banned due to the negative morals it portrayed to the society. It basically about how old women from Europe come to Kenya looking for young men who will offer them sex in exchange of money.

  1. The story of our lives

It was banned on the grounds that it supports homosexuality which is illegal in the country.