Kenyan Jobs paying over Ksh 100,000 in Private Sector

How much money do Kenyan professional get paid? Today we look at some of the Kenyan Jobs paying over Ksh 100,000 in Private Sector

Kenyan Jobs paying over Ksh 100,000 in Private Sector

Kenyan Jobs paying over Ksh 100,000 in Private Sector

1.    Human Resources Managers
Average salary: Ksh 108,000
Human resources managers assist companies to recruit, develop, motivate and retain talented employees. They develop human resource policies that help create a good working environment for employees. Depending on the size of the company a human resource manager can earn upto Ksh 300,000  but on average the pay is Ksh108,000 per month.

2.     Software Developers/Systems Software
Average salary: Ksh 125,000
In the current world of rapidly evolving technology, positions of system developers are quite demanding hence the pay is also expected to be high. They are in charge for designing, developing, and testing operating systems.

3.     Sales Managers/ Marketing Managers
Average salary: Ksh 110,000
Sales managers are the drivers of sales revenue and their work determine how much the company will make. They train sales persons, prepare sales target and formulate measures to meet the budgets. This makes their role important hence they are well remunerated. On average a sales manager earns more than Ksh110,000 per month

4.     Lawyers
Average salary: Ksh 100,000
Lawyers earn diverse income depending on whether they are self employed or employed. Generally a lawyer having his/her own law firm makes more income. However a typical lawyer employed in medium or large law firm earns roughly Kshs100,000 monthly

5.    Financial Managers
Average salary: Ksh 130,000
Companies require financial managers to cater for their financial management and planning needs. Initially a bachelor degree could get one into this position but currently many companies are requiring a master degree. On average financial manager makes the above amount, although some make even more.

6.    Architectural and Engineering Managers
Average salary: Ksh 120,000
As a growing economy Kenya is currently experiencing a demand for more engineers and architect. The increased expansion in infrastructure and housing has led to this demand. A well experienced and qualified architect and engineering manager earn approximately kshs120,000 monthly, although some are making more.

7.    Chief Executives
Average salary: Ksh 350,000
Chief Executive Officers in large companies earn more than one million Kenya shillings. Some of these large companies include Safaricom, Kenya Airways and major banks. However, on the bigger percentage CEOs can earn averagely Ksh 350,000.

8.    Family and General Practitioners
Average salary: Ksh 158,000
Approximately they are 7000 registered doctors in Kenya. Some are in private sectors and others in public sectors. Doctors in Kenya are overworked since their number is far less than the number of patients in hospitals. Although on average a doctor takes home around Kshs 158,000 the pay can never be compared to what challenges they face.

Regardless of the amount mentioned above, some professional earn more than quoted. The important thing is the satisfaction one gains from what they do. A CEO earning one million could have a less satisfying career than someone earning far much less income. The best way to choose a career is not to base it on money, but our abilities, skills and interest.