Kenya Institute of Media & Technology

Kenya Institute of Media & Technology is a well established Institution registered with the Ministry of Education. It is located in Nairobi along Taveta road behind Odeon cinema.

Electrical & Electronics Department
•    Diploma/Certificate in Telecommunication Engineering.
•    Diploma/ Certificate in Electrical & Electronics Eng.
•    Diploma/Certificate in power option
•    Diploma in Instrumentation

Business Studies Department
•    Certificate in Business Administration
•    Advanced Certificate in Business Administration
•    Diploma in Business Management (Part 1, 2)
•    Certificate in Supplies Management
•    Advanced Certificate in Supplies Management
•    Diploma in Supplies Management (Part 1,2,3)
•    Diploma in Banking (Part 1,2)
•    Certificate in Transport Management
•    Advanced Certificate in Transport Management
•    Diploma in Transport Management (Part 1,2)
•    Bridging Course in English, Mathematics
•    Diploma/Certificate in Business Management
•    Diploma/Certificate in Supply Chain Management
•    Diploma/Certificate in Human Resource Management

Computer Sudies Department
•    Certificate in Computer Applications
•    Computerised Accounting (Quickbooks, Sage, Pastel, etc)
•    Graphic Design Specialist (CorelDraw, Photoshop, etc)
•    Web & Intranet Design Specialist (Dreamweaver, PHP, etc)
•    Computer Programming Specialist (Java, C++, Delphi, etc)
•    Diploma in Mobile Phone Application Development
•    Server Operating Systems Specialist (Linux, Windows Server, etc
•    Design Oriented Packages (AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, etc)
•    PC Maintenance
•    A+ Certification, N+ Certification
•    Certificate in Business Information Technology
•    Diploma in Business Information Technology
•    Diploma/Certificate in Information Technology
•    Advanced Diploma in Information Technology
•    Diploma in Software Engineering (Module 1 & 2)
•    Diploma/Certificate in Computer Engineering & Maintenance
•    Certificate in Computer Science
•    Diploma/ Certificate in Information Communication Technology
•    Information Communication Technology Technician (ICTT)
•    Certified Information Communication Technologist (CICT)

Journalism Department
•    Diploma/Certificate in Journalism & Mass Communication
•    Diploma/Certificate in Video/ TV Production
•    Certificate in Radio/ TV Presenting
•    Certificate in Digital Video Editing
•    Certificate in Camera Operation
•    Certificate in Radio Production
•    Certificate in Photojournalism
•    Higher Diploma in Journalism
•    Certificate In Animation

Department & Clearing
•    Cert in Maritime Transport Operations
•    Computerized Diploma in Customs Clearing & Forwarding
•    Diploma in International Freight Management
•    Higher Diploma in International Freight Management
•    Diploma in Shipping Management
•    Advanced Diploma in Shipping Management

Travel & Tourism Management department
•    Diploma in Airline Cabin Crew
•    Diploma in Computerized Air Travel Operations
•    Diploma in Computerized Travel & Tourism Management
•    Diploma in Air Travel Operations
•    Diploma in Air Travel Operations (Management)
•    Certificate in Tour Guiding
•    Diploma in Tour Guiding & Administration
•    Computerized Reservation Systems (Galileo, Amadeus)

Department in Community Development & Social work
•    Diploma/Certificate in Community Development & Social Work
•    Diploma in Project Management
•    Advanced Diploma in Project Planning & Management
•    Diploma/Certificate in Counseling Psychology
•    Diploma/ Certificate in HIV/AIDS Management
•    Certificate in Guiding & Counseling
•    Diploma/Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics
•    Diploma/Certificate in Community Health
•    Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance

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