KCSE Home Science Paper 3 2010

Find KCSE Home Science Paper 3 2010. Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Home Science Paper 3 Past paper


Your mother has been away and you are expecting her back for supper. Using all the ingredients listed below, prepare, cook and present a one dish meal and a dessert for the two of you.

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 v     Pineapple

 v     Tomatoes

 v     Onions

 v     Pawpaw/mangoes

 v     Salt

 v     Ripe bananas

 v     Potatoes

 v     Sugar

 v     Minced meat/soya chunks

 v     Fat/Oil

 v     Lemon

 v     Carrots


Use separate sheets of paper for each task listed below and a carbon paper to make duplicate copies. Then proceed as follows:

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1. Identify the dishes and write the recipes;

2. Write down your order of work;

3. Make a list of the foodstuff and equipment you will require.

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