KCSE Home Science Paper 1 2010

Find KCSE Home Science Paper 1 2010. Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Home Science Paper 1 Past paper


1. What do you understand by the term food hygiene?     (1 mark)

2. Give two functions of sodium in the body?     (2 marks)

3. State two disadvantages of reheating food.           (2 marks)

4. Highlight two characteristics of buffet service.     (2 marks)

5. Identify a nutritional disorder associated with high consumption of each of the following:

      (i) Sugar,     (½ mark)

      (ii) Fluorine     (½ mark)

6. Give two reasons why butter is suitable for creaming in cake making.     (2 marks)

7. Explain the following terms:

     (i) Inflation     (1 mark)

     (ii) Consumer rights    (1 mark)

8. State two remedies for morning sickness during pregnancy.     (2 marks)

9. Give two reasons why weaning a baby too early is discouraged.      (2 marks)

10. Name two opportunistic diseases related to HIV and AIDS.     (1 mark)

11. Give one reason for increasing iron in a lactating mother’s diet.     (1 mark)

12. List two types of brushes used for removing dirt from surfaces in the home.      (2 marks)

13. Define the term value in relation to colour.      (1 mark)

14. Name two insects which would cause poisonous stings.     (1 mark)

15. Give two surfaces in the house where a low all-round flower arrangement may be used.       (1 mark)

16. Mention two physical changes in puberty that are unique to girls.      (2 marks)

17.(i) List two types of bleaches and give one example in each case.       (2 marks)

     (ii) Give another use of laundry blue on garments apart from whitening.      (1 mark)

18. Arrange the following laundry processes in the correct order.       (2 marks)

          Stain removal     (i) ……………………………………………

          Steeping             (ii) ……………………………………………

          Repairing          (iii) ……………………………………………

          Sorting              (iv) ……………………………………………

19. Identify two types of “eyes” used for completing the hook fastening in garment in construction.      (1 mark)

20. Mention three desirable qualities of fabrics for making P.E. shorts.      (3 marks)

21. State two temporary stitches used to hold fullness before making permanent stitches.     (1 mark)

22.State two characteristics of a well made dart.      (2 marks)

23. Give one point to bear in mind when cutting a worked button hole.       (1 mark)

24. Differentiate between a bound opening and a continuous wrap opening.      (2 marks)



25. You are planning to travel with your one year old sister. Give the procedure you would use to:

     (a) Clean the baby’s plastic cup you will use on the way.      (4½ mark)

     (b) Clean an aluminium saucepan that was previously used to boil the baby’s milk:    (5 marks)

     (c) Launder a coloured linen shirt with a fresh tea stain.      ( 10½ marks)


Answer any two questions in this section

26. (a) What do you understand by comparative shopping?    (2 marks)

     (b) Identify four functions of the Kenya Consumer Association.    (4 marks)

     (c) Explain three functions of fats and oils in the body.  (6 marks)

     (d) Explain how the following factors contribute to successful meal planning:

            (i) Nutritional balance;    (2 marks)

            (ii) Climate;    (2 marks)

            (iii) Texture;    (2 marks)

            (iv) Individual requirements.    (2 marks)

27.(a) Explain three processes to be carried out on a fabric before laying out patterns.      (6 marks)

     (b) Outline five processes carried out on the skirt of an apron with a bib in readiness for attachment.      (5 marks)

     (c) Highlight five reasons why timely repair of household articles is important.    (5 marks)

     (d) Draw a symbol for each of the following care instructions:

           (i) handwash with temperature the hand can withstand;    ( 1 mark)

          (ii) hang, to dry on a clothe’s line;    ( 1 mark)

          (iii) Do not dry-clean;    ( 1 mark)

          (iv) Use a cool iron of about 120°C.    ( 1 mark)

28. (a) State three advantages of lining curtains.           (3 marks)

       (b) Outline six precautions to take when using electrical appliances in the home.    (6 marks)

       (c) Identify five activities carried out in the management of amoebic dysentry.     (5 marks)

       (d) Highlight six points to observe when looking after a sick person.       (6 marks)