KCSE History and Government Paper 2 2010

Find KCSE History and Government Paper 2 2010. Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education History and Government Paper 2 Past paper

Section A  (25 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section

 1. State the scientific theory that explains the origin of human beings.      (1 mark)

2. State two uses of stone tools by early people during the Old Stone Age period.     (2 marks)

3. Identify the method used to plant cereal crop when early agriculture began.    (1 mark)

4. Name two metals that were used as currency in pre-colonial Africa.     (2 marks)

5. State one advantage of using the pipeline over vehicles in transporting oil.   (1 mark)

6. Give the two main items of the Trans-Saharan trade.       (2 marks)

7. Identify two social functions of the ancient city of Athens in Greece.          (2 marks)

8. Name the chartered company that was used to administer Tanganyika during the process of colonization.    (1 mark)

9. Which was the main factor that unified the communities of the Shona Kingdom during the pre-colonial period?    (1 mark)

10. State two functions of the Lukiiko in the Buganda Kingdom during the 19th Century.     (2 marks)

11. Give one economic reason which made European countries to scramble for colonies in Africa.    (1 mark)

12. State one way in which the Ndebele benefited after the British-Ndebele war of 1893 to 1896.   (1 mark)

13. Identify two economic results of the First World War    (2 marks)

14. Give two principal organs of the United Nations.    (2 marks)

15. Identify two ways in which Mwalimu Julius Nyerere promoted the development of Education in Tanzania after independence.    (2 marks)

16. State one condition that a country should fulfill in order to become a member of the Non-Aligned Movement.     (1 mark)

17. Identify one parliamentary duty of the Monarch in Britain.         (1 mark)


SECTION B     (45 marks)

Answer any three questions from this section

18. (a) State five reasons why early people domesticated crops and animals during the neo-lithic period.     (5 marks)

     (b) Explain five causes of food shortages in Africa today.      (10 marks)

19. (a) Give three problems faced by factory workers in Europe during the Industrial Revolution.       (3 marks)

      (b) Explain six factors that have promoted industrialization in South Africa.      (12 marks)

20. (a) Give three methods used by European Powers to establish colonial rule Africa.          (3 marks)

      (b) Explain six results of the collaboration between the Baganda and the British during the process of colonization.      (12 marks)

21. (a) State three ways used by nationalist in Ghana to fight for independence.      (3 marks)

      (b) Explain six factors that led to the development of African Nationalism in Ghana.       (12 marks)


SECTION C  (30 marks)

Answer any two questions from this section

22. (a) Give three conditions which one had to fulfill in order to become a French citizen in Senegal.             (3 marks)

       (b) Explain six differences between the use of British indirect rule and the French Assimilation Policy.      (12 marks)

23. (a) State the role played by the United States of America in ending the Second World War.        (3 marks)

      (b) Explain six causes of the war after 1945.        (12 marks)

24. (a) Identify three duties performed by the Secretary-General of the new east African Community established in 2001.        (3 marks)

      (b) Explain six benefits of the new East African Community established in 2001.    (12 marks)