KCSE History and Government Paper 1 2010

Find KCSE History and Government Paper 1 2010. Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education History and Government Paper 1 Past paper

Section A  (25 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section

1. Give the meaning of history.            (1 mark)

2. Identify one age-grade for elders among the-Akamba.   (1 mark)

3. State the first settlement area of the Luo during their migration from Sudan.   (1 mark)

4. Name one early Christian missionary who worked in Kenya.    (1 mark)

5. State two characteristics of independent churches in Kenya during the colonial period.     (2 marks)

6. Identify the constitutional change that increased the number of African members to the legislative council in Kenya in 1957.        (1 mark)

7. Identify one Asian who took part in the struggle for independence in Kenya.     (1 mark)

8. Name one African political party whose leaders attended the 2nd Lancaster House Conference in 1962.      (1 mark)

9. Identify two Educational Commissions appointed by the government of independent Kenya to review the education system.       (2 marks)

10. Give the main reason why the government of Kenya introduced the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).      (1 mark)

11. State two ways in which the government has promoted the culture of the people of Kenya since independence.        (2 marks)

12. Identify two conditions that one must fulfill in order to register as a voter in Kenya.     (2 marks)

13. Give two special courts in Kenya.           (2 marks)

14. State two duties of the leader of Government Business in parliament in Kenya. (2 marks)

15. Identify two symbols of national unity in Kenya.    (2 marks)

16. Give two reasons that can make a registered person to lose citizenship in Kenya.      (2 marks)

17. Give one type of human rights.         (1 mark)


SECTION B (45 marks)

Answer any three questions from this section

18. (a) Give three reasons which influenced the migration of the Plains Nilotes to Kenya during the pre-colonial period.      (5 marks)

      (b) Explain five results of the migration and settlement of the Maasai in Kenya during the pre-colonial period.    (10 marks)

19.(a) Give three reasons why the early-visitors, came to Kenyan-coast before 1500 A.D.       (3 marks)

      (b) Explain six factors that contributed to the development of trade between the Kenya coast and the outside world by 1900.     (12 marks)

20. (a) State three socio-economic reasons why Britain colonized Kenya in the 19th Century.      (3 marks)

      (b) Explain six factors that contributed to the formation of political associations in Kenya before 1939.      (12 marks)

21. (a) State three ways in which the government of Kenya facilitated the acquisition of land for Africans after 1963.       (3 marks)

       (b) Explain six challenges facing the agricultural sector in Kenya.      (12 marks)



Answer any two questions from this section

22. (a) Give the structure of the provincial administration in Kenya.       (5 marks)

      (b) Describe five functions of the president of the Republic of Kenya.   (10 marks)

23. (a) Give three reasons why the constitution is important in Kenya.      (3 marks)

      (b) Explain six factors that may undermine the administration of justice in Kenya.         (12 marks)

24. (a) Identify five stages in the preparation of the national budget.    (5 marks)

      (b) Explain why it is important for the Government to prepare the national budget annually.   (10 marks)