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KCSE Computer Studies Paper 1 2010

Searching for KCSE Computer Studies Past papers? Find KCSE Computer Studies Paper 1 2010. Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Computer Studies Paper 1 Past paper

KCSE Computer Studies Paper 1 2010


Answer ALL the questions in this section in the spaces provided

1. List four activities carried out by a data processing system.  (2 marks)

2. (a) Define data communication.   (1 mark)

(b) State two characteristics of an effective data communication system.    (2 marks)

3. Explain why an intranet is a more secure way to share files within an organization.     (2 marks)

4. Distinguish between a formula and a function as used in spreadsheets. (2 marks)

5. State four functions which are specific to Network Operating Systems. (4 marks)

6. The word race is appearing several times in a long story document composed using a DTP package. How would this word be safely replaced with the word content?    (3 marks)

7. Study the pseudocode below and determine its output.       (3 marks)

1.  (a)    T  = 0

(b)    M  =  0

(c)    K  =  1

2.  (a)    M  =  M + T

(b)    T  =  T + 5

(c)    K  =  K + 1

3. Repeat step 2 while K < 3

4. Write M, T

5. Exit

8. Give two reasons why the use of finger prints and voice input can be used as reliable forms of security in computer systems.      (2 marks)

9. State the purpose of each of the following memories in a computer system.

(a) RAM    (1 mark)

(b)  Hard disk   (1 mark)

10. Explain why telecommuting is not suitable for a doctor when carrying out an operation on a patient.      (2 marks)

11. Copyright laws are laws granting authors the exclusive privilege to produce,  distribute, perform or display their creative works.  It is a legal framework for  protecting the works such as book publishing, motion-picture production and  recording. State two challenges that are posed to these laws by ICT.     (2 marks)

12. State two reasons why it is necessary to use standard furniture in a computer laboratory.         (2 marks)

13. Explain the following terms as used in computer.

(a) Main document       (1 mark)

(b) Data source            (1 mark)

14. State three ways in which ICT can be used in shipping control.       (3 marks)

15. A firm operates an order system that coordinates orders, raw materials and  inventory across its three factories. Currently the orders are processed manually at  each factory and communicated to the others over the phone. The management  intends to computerise their operations. State the first two computer professionals  who will be required and their roles.         (4 marks)

16. (a) Machine language programs are more difficult to write than high – level language programs. State two reasons for this.    (2 marks)

(b) In order to process examination results of students in a school, their names, index numbers and scores in 11 subjects are required. The average score for  each student is then determined and a grade assigned.  This process is  repeated for all 40 students in a class.

Draw a flowchart to:

v     Read a student’s name, index number and the scores in all the subjects.

v     Determine the student’s average score.

v     Assign a grade to the student depending on the average score as follows:


           Score Grade
           80 ≤ score A
           60 ≤ score < 80 B
           40 ≤ score < 60 C
           Score < 40 F

v     Display the student’s name, index number, average score and the grade.

v     Repeat the above steps for all the students in the class.        (10 marks)

(c) Below is a list of program segments in different generations of programming languages. Identify the language for each.

(i)     LDA 105

SUB 40

ADD 20

(1 mark)

(ii)     10000110          10111101

0111100            0001100

(1 mark)

(iii)     For x:= 1 to 10 do

write (x);

(1 mark)

17.(a) The following are some of the phases in the systems development life cycles  (SDLC): system analysis, system design, system implementation, system  review and maintenance. State four activities that are carried out during the  system implementation phase.       (4 marks)

(b) Give three reasons why system maintenance phase is necessary in SDLC.          (3 marks)

(c) State two instances where observation is not a viable method of gathering information during system analysis stage.       (2 marks)

(d) Various considerations should be made during input design and output design.  State two considerations for each case.             (4 marks)

(e) State two reasons why an organisation may use other strategies of software acquisition other than developing their own.    (2 marks)

18. (a) Using two examples, explain the term field properties as used in database design.        (2 marks)

(b) Below is an extract from a hospital database table.

Patient No




Date Registered


Amount paid




LDK/001 Mathew Olang 04/05/08 2500.00 To go for x – ray
LDK/004 Joy Chelimo 07/06/08 1200.00 Medicine to be ordered
LDK/008 John Kamau 09/08/08 3500.00 To be admitted for further check up.
LDK/002 Gerald Wasike 02/04/05 800.00 To come back for review


(i)  State with reasons the most suitable data types for the following fields: (8 marks)

I.     patient No;

II.    date registered;

III.   amount paid;

IV.   remarks;

(ii) Which would be the most appropriate primary key field for the above table?       (1 mark)

(iii) What is the purpose of a primary key field in database design?    (1 mark)

(iv) Describe how information about patients who registered after 09/08/06 can be extracted from the database.      (3 marks)

19.(a) Explain how data in a computer system is secured using:   (4 marks)

(i) Password;

(ii) User access level

(b) State three characteristics of a suitable password.     (3 marks)

(c) State two characteristics of a computer that is infected by computer viruses.     (2 marks)

(d) (i) The figure below shows how data is transmitted through a public telephone line.

Data Stream

Name A, B, C and D.

(d) (ii) State two advantages of using fibre optic cables over satellite in data communication.     (2 marks)

20.(a)  Using one’s complement, convert the decimal number -9 into 6-bit binary number.      (3 marks)

(b)  (i) State three standard coding schemes used in data representation.      (3 marks)

(ii) In a certain coding scheme, each character occupies 7 bits. Letters of the alphabet are assigned consecutive codes. If letter N is represented by 1010010. What is the representation of letter A in this coding scheme?      (3 marks)

(iii) Using twos complement, show how the arithmetic below would be carried out on a 8-bit computer system.        (6 marks)