Eckernforde Tanga University

Eckernforde Tanga University is a private University that is situated in Tanga, Tanzania. The university offers equal opportunities for everyone, and empowers students, workers, and community to achieve excellence in circular education and the provision of quality service through community participation, partnership and networking.

The Mission of ETU is to contribute to the national effort to produce highly educated and well trained human resource inculcated with the appropriate aptitudes and attitudes for the material, moral and spiritual development of the society. This will be achieved by upholding the highest standards of teaching, learning, research, outreach and consultancy in the provision of excellent and well integrated education and training programmes.

•    To be a flexible, compact and transparent organization
•    To secure resources for the school and good education
•    To effecting and efficiently deploy the funds to support educational interventions.
•    To stimulate public awareness and participation in education development
•    To supplement stakeholders efforts in developing education in Tanzania