Courses Offered at Mombasa Aviation Training Institute

Take a look at the courses offered at Mombasa Aviation Training Institute and find one that meets your needs.  
Find Mombasa Aviation Training Institute courses offered:-

School of Aircraft
•    Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering
•    Diploma in Air cargo services
•    Diploma in Airport Operations
•    Diploma in Flight dispatch
•    Diploma in Cabin crew hostess
•    Diploma in Passenger & aircraft handling
•    Diploma in travel & tourism

School of Hospitality
•    Diploma in Hotel & catering management
•    Diploma in Pastry & bakery
•    Diploma in front office & administration
•    Diploma in food production
•    Diploma in Tour guiding & administration

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School of Computer Studies
•    Diploma in Computer engineering & maintenance
•    Diploma in Computer science
•    Diploma in information Technology
•    Diploma in computer application
•    Diploma in Electrical & Electronics engineering

School of Business Studies
•    Diploma in Business studies & administration
•    Diploma in Community development
•    Diploma in Public relations
•    Diploma in Store keeping
•    Diploma in Banking
•    Diploma in Human Resource Management
•    Diploma in Clearing and forwarding
•    Diploma in Logistics management
•    Diploma in Shipping management
•    Diploma in Legal studies and court clerks
•    Diploma in Purchasing and supplies management
•    Diploma in sales and Marketing

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School of Journalism
•    Diploma in Mass communication/journalism
•    Diploma in TV & radio production

School of Languages
•    French
•    German
•    Italian
•    Spanish

School of Accountancy
•    ATC
•    CPA

Contact the institution using the below details for more information

Head Office
Tel: +254 – 41 -2319332, 2318900
Cell: +254 – 701 111470
10th floor, Social Security House
Nkrumah road
P.O Box 90185 – 80100
Mombasa, Kenya

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MATI Malindi Branch
Tel: +254  712 000 883
New Malindi mall, 2nd floor
Malindi highway
P.O Box 90185 – 80100
Mombasa, Kenya

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