Courses Offered at Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences

Courses Offered at Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences. The University offers courses and programmes leading to the awards of certificates, diplomas, and degrees at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It also offers other programmes, consultancy services and seminars to clients who need them. The following are the academic programmes.

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•    Pre-University MD programme: 6 months
•    Diploma Programmes:
o    Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences: 3 years
o    Diploma in Medical Laboratory Science & Technology: 3 years
o    Diploma in Diagnostic Radiography: 3 years

•    Undergraduate programme:
o    Doctor of Medicine (MD): 5 years
o    Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm): 4 years
o    Bachelor of Science in Nursing Education (B.Sc.NED): {2, 3, 4} years
o    Bachelor of Science in Nursing {3,4} years
o    Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences: 3 years

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•    Postgraduate Programmes:
o    Master of Medicine (M. Med): 3 years [Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Surgery, Paediatrics, Anaesthesia]
o    Master of Public Health (MPH): 2 years
o    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D): 3 years

Proposed Faculties, Institutes, Directorates, and Centre
•    CENTRES: Continuing Education
•    UNITS: Medical Illustration

Proposed Programmes

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•    Diploma Programmes:
Higher Diploma in Clinical Medicine (AMO): 2 year
For Admission Requirements/Criterion for all Courses: click here

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