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Trident colleges is an established college which aspires to empower students with knowledge, skill and mindset to express their talents. Courses offered range from: Health sciences, Medical Laboratory and Applied Sciences, Social Science and Business and Information Technology.  

Trident Colleges offers students a unique opportunity to follow their chosen path. It aims to provide value to students and encourage them to reach their highest potential whilst supporting Kenya and East & Central Africa with the most intellectual minds in Healthcare and Social Sciences.

Our Mission
The Mission of Trident Colleges is to develop knowledge and human capacity among citizens of Kenya and The East and Central African Region. We are committed to benefiting society by:

Offering exemplary teaching programs that advance lifelong learning of students, both on and off campus;

Moulding careers based on the gifts and talents that individuals may have.
Producing graduates who will catapult the growth of our regional economies, while fostering creativity, innovation and exemplary entrepreneual skills.  

Our Values and Expectations

At TRIDENT COLLEGES we value and respect:

Gifts and talents of individuals.
Practical Education that connects the classroom to the industry/working organizations
Academic integrity;
Human Diversity;
Teamwork and Collaboration;
Continuous Improvement; and
Local, Regional, and Global perspectives.

Our Vision
Our vision is to be part of a national and regional economy driven forward by well educated individuals who can demonstrate clear understanding and application of what is learnt in class to the industry or work organizations.

As an academic institution operating in a developing country, we envisage a society not lacking in challenges and therefore we seek to benefit society by furthering our citizens’ knowledge while acknowledging individual creativity and innovation.

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P.O Box 2431 - 00606
Phone:             +254700031345 (Thika)
Phone 2:          +254 700031201 (Upperhill)
Phone 3:          +254 718 023 407 (Head office)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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