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Thika Technical Training Institute provides training, Research and outreach programs that impact skills and utilize applied knowledge to prompt economic growth and solve problems in society.
As a centre of training in Technical, Vocational and Entrepreneurship, it offers the following courses:
Health and Applied Sciences Department
•    Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology
•    Diploma in Analytical Chemistry
•    Diploma in Applied Biology
•    Certificate in Science Laboratory Technology

Mechanical Engineering Department
•    Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Plant Option)
•    Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Production option)
•    Craft in Mechanical Engineering (Production option)

Human Resource Management Department
•    Diploma in Human Resource Management
•    Diploma in Community Development
•    Certificate in Human Resource Management
•    Certificate in Social Work

Business Studies Department
•    Diploma in Business  Management
•    Diploma in Supply Chain  Management
•    Diploma in supply Management
•    Diploma in Business  Administration
•    certificate in Business  Administration
•    Certified Public Accountant
•    Accounting Technician Certificate
•    Single and Group Secretarial Certificate

Electrical/Electronic Engineering Department
•    Diploma in Electrical and electronic technology (power option)
•    Diploma in Electrical and electronic technology (telecommunication option)
•    Craft Certificate in Electrical and electronic technology (power option)
•    Craft Certificate in Electrical and electronic technology (Telecommunication)
•    Artisan in Electrical Installation

Building and Civil Engineering Department
•    Diploma in Building Construction
•    Diploma in Building Technology
•    Diploma in Civil Engineering
•    Diploma in Civil Engineering
•    Diploma in Quantity Surveying
•    Craft Certificate in Masonry

Automotive Engineering Department
•    Diploma in Automotive Engineering
•    Craft in Automotive Engineering
•    Agricultural Engineering
•    Craft certificate in Agricultural Engineering
•    Artisan certificate in Agricultural Mechanics
•    Craft certificate in General Agriculture

Information Communication Technology Department
•    Diploma in Information Technology
•    Diploma in Information Communication Technology
•    Certificate in information Technology
•    Computer Packages
•    Certificate in Information Studies

P.O Box 91-00100, Thika
Tel:020-2044965, 0733204495
Email: thikatech@
Website: www.thikatechnical. ac. ke

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