The Anglican Church of Kenya (A.C.K) Language and Orientation School offers the following language programmes for beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Diploma nd Refresher courses.
•    English
General English courses for adult learners
A general course for children 6-14 years coming from non-English speaking schools
•    Foreign Languages
Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese etc
•    Kiswahili
•    Sign language
Kenyan and American sign language
•    University semester programmes in Africa
•    Vernacular
Dholuo,Ekegusi, Kalenjin, Kikamba, Kikuu, Meru, Kimaasai, Luhyia,etc
•    Translation/Interpretation
•    Preparation for TOEFEL, IELTS, SAT AND PITMAN examination

Located along Bishop road, opposite NSSF Building, East Africa Community
P.O Box 47429 Nairobi
Tel: 2721893, 0718-233085