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St. Francis Training Centre Kasarani was started in 1997 by the little sisters of St. Francis. Unlike many colleges we have embarked on small and interactive classes thus allowing students to have substantial one-on-one sessions with teachers. In addition to attending the classes, students have significant opportunities to obtain practical's within the center and outside with maximum supervision of the teachers in the center.

St. Francis training center is your best choice when looking for a good college around Nairobi in the Kasarani area. At St. Francis Training Center, we offer KNEC craft certificate and NITA artisan certificate; our qualifications are relevant to the job market in the 21st century. We have qualified and committed teacher stuff, state of the art equipment and other resources to facilitate better learning in the institution. Our programs are designed to bring the best out of students, to keep pace with the changing world of skills technology and stand ready to meet constantly changing technology employment avenues.

The Little Sisters of St. Francis purposed the following:
•    To help our students develop up to the minute marketable skills that will turn their dreams into realities.
•    To prepare our students for the new present challenges in the ranks of professional in all areas we are training.
•    To help them reach new heights of personal and creative success.
•    To prepare our students not just to enter the field of skills but to excel in it.

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We are always interested to hear from anyone who wishes to get in touch with us.

Our address:
Little Sisters Of St. Francis Of Assisi, Kasarani Hunters, Kasarani - Mwiki Road, Nairobi, Kenya


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