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St. Clare’s Kaplong School of Nursing is a training organisation which provides a high quality, flexible learning environment.

Our Core Values:

The core Values governing St. Clare’s School of Nursing includes the following:
•    Highest degree of self discipline.
•    Respect of individuals and All Life.
•    Fear of God as the foundation of all services rendered
•    Honesty,  
•    Self direction
•    Hard work

Our Objectives:

•    To expand the school to double intake and have a 100% pass at the national examination
•    To become the leading school of Nursing to produce the best disciplined and competent nurses in the market.

Mission Statement.
St. Clare’s School of Nursing’s mission is to train competent nurses that will provide quality, relevant and Holistic Health services in all health facilities in the country and abroad, with a high degree of dedication, discipline, competence and respect for life grounded in Christian values and social teachings of the Catholic Church.

To be a centre of excellence in  training and development of competent Nurses for National and international deployment.
Our purpose & philosopy

The purpose of St Clare’s School of Nursing is to train a Registered Community Health Nurse according to the professional standards of the Nursing Council of Kenya. The aim of the school is to equip the students with necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable the graduate of this programme to assist the individual, family and the community meet their health needs in various settings.


St. Clare’s Kaplong School of Nursing believes that man is a unique biopsychosocial and spiritual being who believes in dynamic relationship with his environment guided by certain obligation, values beliefs, needs, rights and privileges which must be respected during the provision of health care.

The school believes that human being is created in the image of God and therefore desired to be treated with compassion and dignity regardless of race, tribe, sex, creed, and status. The training of Registered Community Health Nurse is important in training a nurse who is equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to enable her assist patients/clients in meeting their needs in various settings.

The school further believes that nursing education is an ongoing lifelong process necessary to keep the nurse abreast of professional developments in order to meet the ever changing health needs of the Kenyan society and beyond. The role of the Registered Community Health Nurse will involve carrying out promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative health services within the health facility and in the community.

The school believes that the leaner is a unique individual with potential ability capable of high degree of intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual growth derived from criteria thinking and self direction.

St. Clare’s Kaplong School of Nursing     
P. O. Box 4 – 20406
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