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St. Anthony Institute of Technology – Lwak was started by the Dutch sisters from Netherlands – Audenbosch Town in the year 1970 as a Nutrition center for children suffering from malnutrition. St Anthony Institute is situated in the western part of Kenya, near Bondo Town around Asembo Bay on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Up to 1978 the institute trained mothers within the neighborhood with the intention to help raise the living standards of their families by fighting Malnutrition and making them instruments of change within the society.

The mother were taught -
•    Simple agriculture to assist them understand methods of modern farming and thus increases primary food production.
•    Nutrition and child case for health.
•    Personal food and environmental hygiene.
•    Housekeeping and laundry.
•    Sewing and handcraft and so were the initial name of the institute “Lwak Home Craft Center”.

In 1979 the malnutrition problem was eighty percent reduced and the trained mothers could now assist the isolated cases in the villages.
Then the idea to train young boys and girls became a demanding need and the training objectives thus changed slightly.
The young adults were now geared towards self-employment, and the institution embraced aims of the Technical Training programs.
•     To develop practical skills and attitude that would lead to income generating activities in the urban & rural areas through self – employment.
•     To provide technical and vocational skills necessary to enhance the pace of this Nation’s development.

•    To disseminate significant technical & vocational training to the young adults.

•    A World class college for holistic & advanced skills.
Co- Values:
•    Spiritual development,
•    Hard work
•    Self-discipline.

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    St. Antony Institute of Technology
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