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Saviec School of Professional Studies is a foreign language-based college. At Saviec School of Professional Studies you will find a great team of professional and experienced education experts devoted towards nurturing your talent, sharpening your skills and widening your horizons.

Our foreign language-based courses are designed to equip you with language skills which combined with other subjects will open new career pathways for you. As a matter of fact, we will offer you courses currently not available in Kenya or Africa in general. Besides the main European Languages, i.e. English, French, German, Italian and Spanish we will also be teaching Mandarin Chinese marking an important added value to your employability.

Our foreign language teaching course is conceived to fill the huge foreign language teacher shortage in Kenya. In addition, we will open new career options in the translation and interpretation industry as well as groom professional tourism managers and tour guides capable of adequately meeting modern tourist demands. Our international hospitality and catering course will equip you with competitive job and self-employment skills, while the business management and communication course will be your ticket to the international corporate industry.

Our main 3-year diploma courses are:
- Language Teaching ad Linguistics;
- Translation and Interpretation;
- Tourism management;
- International Business and Relations;
- International Hospitality and Catering;
- Tour Guiding.

Besides diploma courses, we also offer one year Certificates in;
- International Hospitality and Catering;
- Tour Guiding.
We also offer the following Six-month certificates
- Pure Foreign Language Certificates;
- International Computer Driving Licence

We, as an institution, strongly believe that education goes beyond sheer class work. Hence, we have an international mobility programme that will allow you to spend part of your course period abroad where you will polish your language skills and acquire the cultural exposure you need to widen your horizons. Lastly, compulsory internship will also help you find your path in the job market.


Call +254(0)726509741/+254(0)708496383
Ghana Street, Electrical House 4th Floor (Next to kensilver Booking Office)
Meru, Kenya

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