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Savannah Institute of Business and Informatics (SIBI) is a fast growing centre for innovation and digital skills development supplementing other educational institutions and supporting professionals in the workplace who need to re-tool for today’s fast-moving digital enterprise.

Whether one is a high school student who wants to create mobile apps or an engineer who needs to hone their skills to accelerate career advancement, we have a place for you. Savannah Institute of Business and Informatics seeks to support communities by helping identify and alleviate community and national challenges through a proactive, future-oriented approach to human resource development in technology and techno-entrepreneurship.

To achieve its objective SIBI is involved in a number of initiatives such as Girls in ICT, Kids R Coding and support for widows and orphans. The students’ projects are planned to help automate organizations that would have difficulty automating on their own.

To enable us to deliver the value that we promise and to continually improve this promise, Savannah Institute of Business and Informatics has partnered with highly successful professionals. The panel is made up of career educators and professionals who have extensive local and international experience as well as stellar educational qualifications.

SIBI is committed to inspiring a new generation of young technological and entrepreneurial minds that will take this country and the planet to new heights inspired by creativity, innovation and technology. We believe that it can be done, and we invite you to take the journey with us. Kenya is flourishing at full tilt and needs smart, skilled and innovative people to run new businesses and new industries. SIBI is a technical institute that aims to provide a hands-on, skills-oriented programs for the new digital enterprise. If you seek new digital skills of the 21st century, SIBI is the place to be.

Shawmut Plaza, 4th Floor
Mosque Street, Opp. Carnation Hotel
Nakuru CBD
Call: 0717 115 402
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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