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Kenya Medical Training College Msambweni Campus was started in 1977, it was training pre – service students in Environmental Health Sciences which was a certificate course taking two (2) years. In 1977, the campus also started a six (6) – month in-service certificate course in water and sanitation. This certificate course ran only for two (2) consecutive years then it was stopped. This course was targeting qualified Public Health Technicians.

In 1998, the campus started offering a two (2)-year in-service diploma course in Environmental Health sciences. The following year i.e. 1999, the certificate course in Environmental Health Sciences was phased out. This was in line with the government's policy then of phasing out certificate courses. In 2005, the campus started offering a three (3) year pre- service diploma course in Environmental Health sciences.

In 2006 the last in – service diploma class qualified but the Pre service Diploma course in Environmental Health Science course continued. The same year the campus was relocated from Matuga to Tumbe in Msambweni that formerly hosted the Leprosy centre and continued to offer the Diploma Pre-service course. This prompted the change of name from Matuga MTC to Msambweni MTC.

In 2010 KMTC embarked on expansion program that included Msambweni Campus in which two courses were started here namely Diploma in Registered Community Health Nursing and Certificate in Health Records and Information Technology in September.

Satellite Campus

Msambweni has a satellite campus at Kwale from where the department of environmental health sciences operates. The satellite campus offers diploma in environmental health.

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