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Kenya Institute of Studies in Criminal Justice targets Military officers, Police officers, Crime scene officers, Immigration officers, Intelligence officers, Prison officers, Security personnel, State counsel and any other professional and individuals. It is located  in City Hall Annexe 14th floor in Nairobi

Higher Diploma Programmes

  • Higher Diploma in Forensic psychology and criminology
  • Higher Diploma in Criminal Justice Administration and Management
  • Higher Diploma in Security and Disaster Management
  • Higher Diploma in Economics Crimes Management
  • Higher Diploma in Intelligence and Forensics Management
  • Higher Diploma in Transport Security Management

Diploma programmes

  • Diploma in Criminology
  • Diploma in Intelligence Management
  • Diploma in National Security
  • Diploma in Public Prosecution Management
  • Diploma n Penology and Correctional Services Management
  • Diploma in Police Science and Crime management
  • Diploma in Fingerprint & Biometrics science
  • Diploma in Forensic and Criminal Investigation

Certificate courses

  • Certificate in Disaster Management
  • Certificate in  Intelligence Collection
  • Certificate in Forensic Investigation
  • Certificate in Security Management
  • Certificate in Prison Administration
  • Certificate in Finger prints Technology
  • Certificate in Terrorism Studies
  • Certificate in Biometrics Technology
  • Certificate in  Criminology and forensic studies
  • Certificate in County Administration
  • Certificate in Economics Crimes Investigation

Entry requirement
Certificate -KCSE D+
Diploma- KCSE C-, Certificate in relevant field
Higher diploma- Relevant diploma

P.O Box 14404-00100 Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 020-2088433, 0721-987163, 0722-402541
Email: kipc@

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