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Keiway Mining & Technology College is a privately owned institution governed by a Director assisted by a team of senior personnel responsible for managing institutional operations through administrative units and departments.

The hard work from students, faculty and staff is evident from national examination results.

At Keiway, we strive to reach a little higher, dig a little deeper and focus on achieving our goals despite the many challenges. We are constantly searching for better ways to teach and learn. We are committed to looking for better answers to the region's most pressing challenges.

Students are encouraged to enhance their skills through a series of student driven work sessions to achieve great heights in their education and career goals. We truly embrace the spirit user-driven learning. The place we call home inspires us to discover what's next.


"To prepare students for service and leadership that is focused on solving complex problems facing society."

This mission is achieved through:
•    Exemplary teaching, offered by a faculty that inspires a commitment to learning and research, grounded in the college's disciplines of study, that informs issues of importance to the academy and the community;
•    Meaningful service to society, the academic disciplines, and the college, expressed in various outreach activities that serve the region while strengthening our teaching as well as scholarly and creative capacities.

Our commitment to focused excellence includes developing and delivering programs with primary emphases in sustaining excellence in mining & GeoSciences, Information Technology, business & Economics and Social Sciences, all of which shape the core curriculum and give meaning to the concept of a flagship college in the region.

"To be internationally recognized as a creative, innovative and engaged regional and global partner in addressing changing workforce needs."

We will achieve this vision by striving to be a leader among institutions of higher learning by promoting an entrepreneurial spirit; embracing the contributions of multiple cultures, identities, and perspectives; and bringing together the talents and enthusiasm of faculty, staff, and students.

1.    We strive to create knowledge.
In order to become influential and learned, we strive to create knowledge. Our programs are geared towards giving every student an opportunity to engage in self-driven learning.
2.    We recognize the strength of connections.
Students will have a competitive advantage in life and career after college because of the robust relationships we have with dynamic, progressive, leading corporations, organizations and communities in the region.
3.    We understand that the world is not small and private.
The college purposefully brings together students with a diversity of thoughts, perspectives, and opinions to produce a successful student body. The composition of the student body is a contributing factor in the educational experience of all our students.
4.    Students know they are not living in any ivory tower.
The college's location in Kilifi inspires students' ability to participate in the life of the city, and see that participation as an inherent part of their personal growth and educational experience.
5.    Students appreciate this place.

The region's particular beauty, culture, and traditions contribute to their lives as students and as future leaders.

Main Campus - KILIFI
Kilifi Enterprise Complex (Tuskys Building)
Bofa Road, Off Mombasa-Malindi Hwy
PO Box 206-80108, KILIFI

Phone: 0704 215.721
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kahawa West, NAIROBI
Ebenezer Building
1st Floor, Suites 3 & 4
Next to KU Referral Hospital
Kahawa West, Nairobi
Phone: 0711 634.521
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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